Talent Management: What We Do

Systemwide Talent Management drives UC's integrated talent management strategy through the facilitation of and collaboration with location partners. We provide best-practice research, support and tools to enable the stewardship of university resources, while working to attract, develop and retain the most diverse and talented UC employees. In addition, we develop and manage systemwide development programs and systems that meet emergent needs of UC locations, including, but not limited to, employee, manager and leadership development, managing implicit bias and career management.

The integrated talent management infrastructure includes:

  • Talent Planning
  • Talent Acquisition
  • Onboarding and Integration
  • Performance Management
  • Individual, Leadership and Management Development
  • Succession, Organizational Readiness and Retention
  • Talent Management Analytics and Systems

Systemwide Talent Management established and regularly convenes the UC Talent Management Consortium, bringing together chief human resources officers with talent acquisition, talent development and organization development professionals across the system to identify shared concerns and strategically align UC's overarching talent strategy.

The Integrated Talent Management Continuum

talent continuum

Systemwide Talent Management works across the UC system in collaboration with learning and development groups to deliver training programs that best support all leadership levels. The programs listed below are currently available across UC. If you’d like to learn more about the below programs please contact your local learning and development representative.

UC Managing Implicit Bias Series

A six-course online training series designed to increase awareness of implicit bias and reduce its impact at the University. The series reinforces the UC diversity, equity, and inclusion values that enable the University to attract and retain a top talent workforce, and it further supports the UC commitment to developing effective leaders and managers of people. It is intended to supplement existing location programs and resources.

My UC Career

An online development portal available to all UC faculty, academic personnel, staff and students seeking to advance their career. Six self-paced modules help users discover their internal UC career mobility options, highlight accomplishments and identify how they can achieve their career goals within UC.

UC Systemwide People Management Series and Certificate

The People Management Series and Certificate is a systemwide program for all People Managers. It consists of select Core and Elective courses, including local and systemwide programs and eCourses, as well as in-person learning experiences, with topics ranging from Performance Management, to Managing People, Operations, Change Management and Communications.

Systemwide Talent Management eCourses

As part of the University's mission to provide public service and advance knowledge, Systemwide Talent Management has made select eCourses available to the general public.

Systemwide Human Resources Fellows Program

The Systemwide HR Fellows program is part of a multidimensional Talent Management strategy designed to attract and develop highly capable, competitive and career-focused individuals, thus creating a pipeline of exceptional talent familiar with University's Human Resources operations and the Systemwide HR Office's foundational areas: Compensation, Talent Management, Labor Relations, HR Policy, HR Compliance, Pension Operations, Employee Relations, and Benefits.

UC Location Staff Workforce Profiles

The UC Location Staff Workforce Profiles contain demographic information about all levels of staff at each location. The default view is for All. To view a different location, select it from the Location drop menu near the top-right corner.

UC-Coro Systemwide Leadership Collaborative

The UC–Coro Systemwide Leadership Collaborative will be offered to 40–45 administrators from UC campuses to form a Northern California cohort and a Southern California cohort. The program will include campus explorations where participants will interview campus leaders and have the opportunity to visit and learn about the institution. This provides a direct opportunity to get a sense of the physical, intellectual, administrative and cultural nature of multiple University of California locations.

UC Women’s Initiative for Professional Development

UC Women's Initiative is a four session program developed collaboratively by SACSW and UC Systemwide Talent Management, and delivered by Coro, a non-profit leadership development organization that has been delivering programs at UC since 2006. The UC WI program is designed for mid-career women, both faculty and staff, who demonstrate the potential to advance their careers at UC.

UC Management Development Program (MDP)

The UC Management Development Program is a dynamic systemwide training program designed to equip mid-level managers of managers/supervisors and/or managers of complex programs or projects with the tools to enhance and strengthen their leadership capabilities in the UC core competencies of people management, employee engagement, and change management.

UC People Management Conference

The UC People Management Conference brings together leaders from across UC who have completed the UC Systemwide People Management Series & Certificate, the Management Development Program or the UC-Coro Systemwide Leadership Collaborative. The goal of this annual conference is to provide attendees with the opportunity to continue their learning and build connections cross leadership levels and the UC system.

Management Skills Assessment Program (MSAP)

The Management Skills Assessment Program (MSAP) is designed to strengthen the engagement and preparation of high-potential UC supervisors, managers and professionals in an intensive, off-site assessment center experience for early career managers. MSAP cultivates a diverse talent pipeline that supports the University in its succession planning efforts while helping participants develop heightened self-confidence, greater managerial effectiveness, and better preparation for future management position opportunities.

Sexual Harassment Prevention Training

As part of the UC's continuing efforts to strengthen our response to sexual violence and sexual harassment in our community, and to foster a culture of safety and respect systemwide, the UC has developed — in conjunction with the Joint Committee of the Administration and Academic Senate, and the President’s Committee on Sexual Violence Sexual Harassment Disciplinary Process for UC Personnel other than Faculty — new procedures effective July 1 for investigating and adjudicating complaints of sexual violence and sexual harassment against faculty and other UC personnel. Visit the UC's Sexual Violence Prevention and Response systemwide website to view the new procedures in full.