The Responsible Office owns and manages policies that fall under that office’s area of responsibility. Usually within the Responsible Office, the Policy Owner, a subject matter expert, oversees the development and review of a policy. The Policy Owner drafts the policy in consultation with various stakeholders and required reviewers at UCOP, with campuses, and other groups, such as employee representatives. Once a draft policy is ready to be released, the University Policy Office manages a systemwide comment period with the Policy Advisory Committee (PAC).  All Policies must be reviewed and approved by Division Leadership and PAC before they are submitted to the President for Issuance.

For more information on this process, please review the Introduction to the Presidential Policy Process at the University of California training.

Policy development Guidelines

A quick overview of the policy development process and important tools at your disposal

Policy Toolkit

Policy development guidelines, processes, templates, terms, and other resources.

Policy Advisory Committee Schedule

Meeting schedule of the Policy Advisory Committee.

Presidential Policy Process Training

Introductory training to the Presidential Policy process at the University of California