BRC functional teams

The BRC is organized into functional teams, as follows:

Functional team Areas of responsibility
Travel & Entertainment

Mark Lozano - Lead
Melissa Amescua
Valerie Brown
Linda Pugliesi
Pin Luo
Fanta Summers
Mark Turner


  • Express transactions, admin and systems
  • Pre-trip authorizations (PTAs)
  • Conference registrations
  • T&E card transactions
  • UCOP Connexxus
  • UCOP travel manager
Purchase Orders & Payments

Brad Niess - Lead
Lorrelie Esteban - Supervisor
Regine Berdan
Crystal Giang
Erika Henderson
Amar Johl
Daniel Leung
Jenia Sevillano
Kimberly Dominick
Beverly Johnson
Joyce Price
Janise Scannell


  • BruinBuy transactions, admin, systems and workflow administrator
  • Ergonomic orders
  • Contracts & grants
  • Pcard transactions
  • Honoraria
  • Relocation
Compliance, Accounting, Audit & Policy — Audit, Policy & Compliance

Amy Vrizuela - Lead
Elizabeth Ellis
Jan Kehoe
Margarita Parkin
Gemma Rieser


  • Travel audit
  • Signature delegations
  • Corporate Card administration
  • Departmental Security Administrator (DSA)
  • Distributed Administrative Computing Security System (DACSS)
  • Performance measurement 
  • Monitoring reports
  • Compliance reporting
  • Accountability
  • Policy issues and compliance
  • Public Record Act requests (PRAs)
  • Project/change management
Compliance, Accounting, Audit & Policy — Accounting

Amy Vrizuela - Lead
Elizabeth Ellis
Roberto Guerato
Jan Kehoe
Margarita Parkin
Gemma Rieser

  • Cashier
  • CashNet
  • Recharges
  • Journals/NPEARs
  • Accruals/deferrals
  • Financial accounting reports & special projects
  • UCOP accounting
  • Special reports
  • Budget-to-actual variances
  • UCPath: Budget/ fund commitment accounting
  • UCPath: Accounting
Local Procurement

Rick Greene - Lead
Diane Diotte
Roy Feliciano
Diane Lombardo

  • Requests for information/quotes/proposals
  • Independent Consultant Agreements
  • Professional Services Agreements
  • Master Services Agreements
  • Software agreements