IRAP conducts several systemwide surveys on a regular basis and is available to provide support and consultation for various departmental survey needs. 

  • Instrument design – IRAP’s survey experts can walk you through best practices for designing an effective and valid survey, including logic and optimization for the web.
  • Sample determination – IRAP can assist with selecting a sample population designed to give representative results.
  • Survey administration – IRAP uses Qualtrics as an online data collection system and to send survey invitations and reminders through a safe, streamlined mailing process. IRAP can also help develop response strategies for marketing your survey.
  • Data analysis – IRAP's researchers can help examine survey data and provide links to administrative and corporate data to deepen your analysis.
  • Reporting and visualization – IRAP uses the Qualtrics reporting platform to provide summary data in a timely manner. IRAP can also combine quantitative analysis, skillful writing, and visualization tools such as Tableau to deliver distinctive, impactful reports. 

UCUES (UC Undergraduate Experience Survey)


UCUES is a biennial survey that solicits student opinions about academic and co-curricular experiences, collects information about student behavior and presents demographic information so that UC can better understand student engagement in academic and civic activities and more effectively assess undergraduate student learning outcomes.

Additional survey instruments

Graduate Student Support Survey PDF

The survey was administered in spring 2016 to assess the competitiveness of UC financial supports to academic doctoral students.

Graduate Cost of Attendance Survey PDF

The survey was administered in spring 2016. It was designed to inform UC policy makers about day to day expenses of students.

Graduate Student Well-Being Survey PDF

The university community has an interest in improving the happiness and well-being of graduate students for a straightforward reason: to enable graduate students to do their best work. The survey is part of a research initiative on graduate student well-being and happiness, led by the Graduate Divisions and the Graduate Student Associations of UC and administered in the spring of 2016.

View the data here. | View the survey instrument here.

Undergraduate Cost of Attendance Survey - COAS PDF

This triennial survey is designed to inform UC policy makers about the day-to-day expenses of students. This data is used to estimate the total cost of attendance at UC campuses, and influences financial aid policies and programs designed to help keep UC affordable for years to come.

Admitted Transfer Applicant Survey PDF

The Admitted Transfer Applicant Survey was administered in fall 2015 to examine the college choice process of transfer students admitted to UC. The survey was designed to gain a full understanding of transfer students’ experiences and factors influencing their college choices.

UC Global Food Initiative - Student Food Insecurity Survey PDF

In June 2015, Nutrition Policy Institute of UC Agriculture and Natural Resources collaborated with IRAP on the UC Global Food Initiative Survey, as part of President Napolitano's Global Food Initiative. The survey is intended to learn about issues related to food access and food insecurity among UC students.

Undergraduate Application survey

In May 2015, the application redesign team partnered with IRAP to conduct the UC Undergraduate Application Survey. Two separate surveys were administered to the most recent applicant pool, one for students who completed the application and the other for those who started the application but did not complete it, to gain an understanding of the experience students had with the application.

Undergraduate Application survey - completers PDF | Undergraduate Application survey - incompletes PDF

Medical Plan Satisfaction Survey PDF

IRAP administered this survey and tabulated the results for Human Resources in August 2014 to examine UC employees’ satisfaction with UC’s medical plans. Results from the survey indicate a high degree of satisfaction amongst faculty, staff, and retirees.

Campus Climate survey PDF

In spring 2013, UC administered the largest university system climate study ever, reaching out to more than 386,000 individuals. This study creates a baseline of data that has helped us better understand how members of the university community relate to one another on a daily basis.

Graduate Alumni survey PDF

The UC Graduate Alumni survey collected information from UC doctoral alumni regarding their experiences and achievements since earning their UC doctoral degree, and was the first ever systemwide survey of its kind. The data received from this survey have helped inform policy and advance the discourse surrounding the impact and value of graduate education.

Undergraduate Alumni survey PDF

UC undertook a survey in 2010 of baccalaureate degree recipients 5, 10 and 20 years after receiving their degrees to assess student outcomes and success. Three exit cohorts were invited to answer questions that support analyses of geographic and career destination, contributions to California and the nation, and perceptions of UC education and its impact on their social, career and life goals.