Webinar series

The ITS webinar series highlights ITS functions and services, new directions, and key initiatives. The webinars are recorded and posted below.

Upcoming ITS webinars
Webinar Title Presenter
IBM Watson - Transforming the Student Experience with Cognitive Computing
April 30, 2015
Dan Scott - IBM Watson Customer Engagement
Casey Drummond - IBM Watson Education Industry Leader
Katherine Frase - VP & CTO, IBM Global Public Sector
California is our Campus: How UC ANR is using technology to help solve California's most pressing agriculture and natural resource challenges.
May 5, 2015
Gabriel Youtsey, Chief Information Officer,
Agricultural and Natural Resources
UC Path Center IT - Providing Enabling Technologies and Support for the UCPath Center
May 11, 2015
Bill Freire, IT Manager,
UC Path Center
UCOP Data Center Move Overview
June 16, 2015
Paul Weiss, Chief Technology Officer, and
Brian Tharp, Program Manager