Policy Governance

University of California Policy Steering Committee

This Committee is appointed by the President to approve a framework for systemwide administrative policies and to oversee the policymaking process to ensure that policies comport with Regents policy, regulatory mandates, and the University's mission.

  • Nathan Brostrom, Executive Vice President, Chief Financial Officer
  • Aimée Dorr, Provost and Executive Vice President, Academic Affairs
  • Rachael Nava, Executive Vice President, Chief Operating Officer
  • Charles Robinson, Vice President, General Counsel
  • Anne Shaw, Secretary and Chief of Staff to the Regents
  • John Stobo, Senior Vice President - Health Sciences & Services
  • Sheryl Vacca, Senior Vice President, Chief Compliance & Audit Officer

University of California Policy Advisory Committee

This Committee comprises designees of the Policy Steering Committee. It is charged with recommending a framework for systemwide administrative policy development and maintenance, providing oversight and direction to executive policy owners, and assuring that policies are accessible, presented within a logical framework and appropriately disseminated. If you are looking to submit a policy for review, the current Policy Advisory Committee schedule can be found here

  • John Barrett, Director, Financial Accounting
  • Hilary Baxter, Executive Director, Academic Senate
  • Jerlena Griffin-Desta, Deputy to the Vice President, Student Affairs
  • Dianna Henderson, Chief of Staff to the VP of HR and Director of HR Policy, Human Resources
  • Rachael Howard, Policy Specialist, Human Resources
  • Sheryl Ireland, Director of Policy and Accountability, UCM Campus Policy Managers Representative 
  • Anna Joyce, Administrative Policies and Delegations, UCLA, Campus Policy Managers Representative
  • David Lane, Deputy Compliance Officer, Ethics, Compliance & Audit Services
  • Kevin Confetti, Director, Risk Services
  • Janet Lockwood, Director-Academic Policy and Compensation
  • Catherine Montano, Director, Administrative Policies and Business Contracts, Agriculture & Natural Resources
  • Clare Sheridan, Regents Analyst, Office of the Secretary of the Regents
  • Brandi Schmitt, Director of Anatomical Services, Health Sciences & Services
  • Maria Shanle, Senior Counsel, Governance & Compliance, Office of General Counsel
  • Christopher Simon, Director of HR Compliance, Human Resources
  • Wendy Streitz, Executive Director, Research Policy Analysis and Coordination
  • Zoanne Nelson, Chief of Staff to the EVP-CFO