The Office of the Director of Investigations is responsible for coordinating, tracking, managing and/or conducting investigations at the Office of the President and systemwide.

The office, headed by the Director of Investigations, maintains oversight of a comprehensive program for review and investigation of complaints of improper governmental activity made under the University's Whistleblower Policy. Whistleblowers who made protected disclosures or who refuse an illegal order are protected from retaliation under the University's Whistleblower Protection Policy.

The goal of this program is to ensure the university's compliance with federal and state whistleblower laws.

If you experience or observe behavior that is inconsistent with our Principles of Community yet does not rise to the level of improper governmental activity, please report it using the Campus Climate reporting form found here

Web report

You may report suspected incidents to us anonymously, either through our Whistleblower Hotline (1-800-403-4744), or by submitting a web report.