UC Fair Wage/Fair Work Plan: Reporting contractor issues

As part of UC’s new Fair Wage/Fair Work plan, the University is instituting stronger oversight of its contracts and sub-contracts, requiring that companies that provide services for UC pay their employees a wage that meets or exceeds UC’s new minimum wage. In addition, all UC contractors will be subject to annual and periodic audits to ensure they and their subcontractors are complying with UC’s minimum wage plan, as well as all federal, state, and UC workplace laws and policies.

UC has a dedicated toll-free phone number (855-WAGES-UC) available for reporting any compensation violations. Any contract worker providing services to UC who believes his/her employer is not complying with the UC plan, or workplace laws, may also use the form below to report complaints and issues directly to the UC Office of the President. Please note, if you would like to remain anonymous but also be available to answer follow up questions, please use the UC Whistleblower Hotline. If you would prefer to use the below form anonymously, please give as much detail as possible to allow the University to properly address all allegations.