Data Dashboard

The UC Community Safety Plan calls on all UC campuses to collect and publicly share uniform campus safety data to empower the UC community and inform change. To demonstrate our commitment to transparency and continuous improvement through data, a Community Safety data dashboard workgroup commenced in Fall 2021 to meet the plan’s key milestones, including the development of a suite of systemwide dashboards on calls for service, civilian complaints, crimes, stops, UC Police Department budget and workforce, and use of force.

The dashboards developed by the workgroup and its operational partner, the Office of Institutional Research and Academic Planning (IRAP), are available through the links below. 

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Budget and workforce

Each UC Police Department's budget and workforce reflect its organizational and budget model, along with ongoing transformation as needs for services change and officer assignments shift.

Calls for service

Calls for service to law enforcement agencies generally include calls to “911” for emergency assistance and may also include calls to non-emergency numbers. UC Police Departments are required to report monthly data to UCOP on civilian calls for service, noting call category (standardized across UC locations), call type (details that can be different by location), and month received.

Civilian complaints

Consistent with California Penal Code 832.5, all UC Police Departments have procedures that allow civilians to lodge complaints against officers and to post information on their websites on how to submit a complaint or a commendation. UC Police Departments are required to report data to UCOP on resolved complaints, including information about the civilian, the interaction, allegation, and the results of these complaints.


UC Police Departments report monthly crimes data from their jurisdictions to the U.S. Department of Justice. UC Police Departments also contribute information to help UC comply with community crime and safety reporting requirements of the Clery Act. The data reported in this dashboard do not serve as the UC campus’ official Clery reporting, but provide aggregated information regarding crimes reported and investigated at the UC campuses and medical centers.


California’s Racial and Identity Profiling Act (RIPA) requires that California law enforcement agencies collect information from officers about the "perceived race or ethnicity" of the people they detain. The data in this dashboard are aligned with UC Police Department reports to the California Department of Justice in compliance with RIPA.

Use of force

All UC locations are required to submit quarterly data on use of force incidents to the UC Office of the President. This reporting includes incidents that qualify for mandatory reporting to the California Department of Justice along with certain incidents that do not qualify for state reporting.