2023 Awardees

UCOP's Graduate, Undergraduate and Equity Affairs Department is happy to announce the results of the 2023 review for the UC-HBCU Initiative.

Applications were reviewed and ranked by a committee consisting of faculty and administrators from the University of California and Historically Black Colleges and Universities.

Claire Adida

UC San Diego

UC San Diego-Morehouse-Spelman Political Science Summer Research Program

Paul Barber


The Diversity Project: Pathways to Ph.D.s in Marine Science

Tonya Bradford

UC Irvine

Excellence in Business Research in the Digital World

Eddie Cole


A Different World: Graduate Student Experiences in the UC-HBCU Initiative

Jennifer Doudna

UC Berkeley

UCB-Hampton University Summer Program in Genome Engineering

Ugo Edu


Summer Medical Anthropology Research Training (SMART) Program

Annaliese Franz

UC Davis

UC Davis-Xavier Chemistry and Chemical Biology Graduate Admissions Pathway

Ryan Kastner

UC San Diego

Matthew Henson Fellowship Program

Gerardo Mackenzie

UC Davis

Nutritional Biology Graduate Admissions Pathway

Bettina Ng'weno

UC Davis

Recover, Reconnect, Restore: Piloting Black Inclusion in Agriculture

Gregory O'Malley

UC Santa Cruz

Intra-American Slave Trade Database Summer Research Internships

Richard Souza

UC San Francisco

Summer Training for Scientific Careers in Rehabilitation Science