UCOP Strategic Framework


The Strategic Framework for the University of California’s Office of the President (UCOP) was finalized by UCOP’s senior leadership team in December 2019. This framework will guide divisions in focusing their energy and resources on actions that will best position the University of California to achieve its academic, research and public service missions.

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We hope you will find the following information on the Strategic Framework helpful in understanding the direction and priorities of UCOP.


In August of 2015, UCOP developed and launched a standardized strategic planning process.  Since then, seven divisions have completed their strategic plans using the established format. Plans are reviewed annually and renewed every five years to ensure continuous alignment with the goals of the University. The UCOP strategic framework aggregates key elements of these plans into a single UCOP Framework.

This framework outlines UCOP’s mission, vision, values and the primary objectives we will collectively need to achieve in order to reach that vision and is intended to guide all UCOP divisions as they craft or update their own strategic plans. It does not outline division goals nor is it meant to be a comprehensive summary of all the work performed by the Office of the President. For more information, review the UCOP division strategic plans.


Through leadership, service, and programs, we optimize the power of the University system to deliver world-class education, research, public service, and health care to Californians, the nation and the world.


These core values are the principles that guide our actions:


We are responsive to the public and our stakeholders' needs, follow through on our commitments and take ownership for our decisions and actions.


We believe collective insight and action produces greater results than that of any individual or organization. We facilitate the exchange of information, expertise and skills to optimize resources and generate the highest quality outcomes. We foster teamwork and, where appropriate, systemness.

Diversity & inclusion

We embrace diversity, equity and inclusion in all forms. We strive for a community that fosters an open, inclusive, and productive environment where we respect the potential of all individuals to make a positive contribution.


We adhere to the highest standards of professionalism, quality and expertise. We strive to be leaders in our respective disciplines and to foster a system that delivers superior outcomes.


By establishing an environment that supports creative and diverse thinking, we consistently evaluate perspectives, re-define problems and seek opportunities to identify, test and implement new solutions that produce desired outcomes. We accept risk-taking as an opportunity to learn.


We set high ethical standards and lead by example. We act in a credible and trustworthy manner. We treat all people with respect, professionalism and fairness.


We are dedicated to and align our work with the University’s commitment to education, research and public service.


UCOP will sustain and strengthen the University of California’s position as the pre-eminent university system in the world.


By 2030, 200,000 additional students will receive UC degrees with 90% graduating within 4 years. We will eliminate equity gaps in degree attainment and achieve a student body that reflects the diversity of California. We will continue to advance innovative student financial support to maximize affordability. We will create a strategy for providing lifelong learning opportunities for UC students and other Californians.

Expanded community engagement and research activities will ensure that UC delivers knowledge and solutions to the entire state. By 2030, UC will make significant investments to have safe, state-of-the-art buildings and infrastructure that support education, health care, research and student activities. More than 60% of our students, both graduate and undergraduate, will be housed on UC campuses.

In order to support this growth, we will further diversify our revenue streams through innovative investment models, unrestricted philanthropy, clinical revenue, technology commercialization and programs that leverage our size and scale. We will have a strong and wide base of support and be esteemed and considered indispensable by the state legislature, alumni, faculty, students, industry leaders and the public.

UCOP will continue to recruit and retain top talent as a mission-driven organization of agile, risk-taking, and strategic professionals who care deeply about people, our planet and our shared future.  We will be a diverse, collaborative community of individuals dedicated to sustaining UC as the best university system in the world.


The following five strategic objectives are broad-based, long-term aims that will move UCOP towards actualizing its vision. 


Attract, develop and retain diverse, highly productive, talented and motivated people who exemplify our core values and thrive in a culture of equity and inclusion, service, innovation, and change.

Financial stability

Ensure the financial strength of the University through sustainable and innovative financial models with efficient and effective financial management practices.

Operational excellence

Optimize delivery of programs and services through the systemwide implementation of best practices that promote efficiency, effectiveness, health, safety, confidence and quality.

Policy & advocacy

Advance UC’s mission by marshaling the institution’s expertise and external partners to effectively advance public policy issues and communicate the value of UC to our stakeholders, California, and the world.

Executing the mission

Enhance UC’s ability to create and disseminate innovative research, scholarship and opportunity through teaching, public service and engagement for the benefit of California, the nation and the world.