We oversee systemwide financial management.

The UC Finance Division has oversight of financial and capital project management at the campuses, academic medical centers and Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory. Areas of responsibility include budget analysis and planning, accounting and financial controls, risk management, capital markets financing, capital resource management, strategic sourcing, and external relationships with rating agencies, investment houses, banks, financial auditors and financial regulators.

Nathan Brostrom

Nathan Brostrom

Executive Vice President - Chief Financial Officer


Budget Analysis and Planning

Manages UC’s annual budget and conducts long range financial planning.

Top Destinations
Budgets & Reports
Fees & Enrollments

Capital Programs, Energy and Sustainability

Capital Programs provides systemwide leadership and campus support for capital projects.

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Capital Planning
Asset Management and Physical Planning
Energy and Sustainability

UC Controller

Provides systemwide financial management, reporting, policy and procedures.

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Staff and units
Policies and guidance
Financial reports

Financial Management

Supports capital-raising activities systemwide.

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Buy UC Bonds
Capital Planning
Mortgage Origination Program (Standard MOP)

Procurement Services

Develops and implements systemwide purchasing policies and strategies.

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Supplier information
Policies and forms
Agreements database
Central Travel Management

Risk Services

Enables university faculty, staff and students to identify and manage risk.

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Loss prevention and control
Enterprise Risk Management (ERM)
Reports and resources
Crisis management


ICAMP logo

ICAMP is UC’s building and campus infrastructure asset management program.  Leveraging a standardized methodology and technology platform, ICAMP’s asset inventory, condition assessment and risk prioritization supports data-driven portfolio investment optimization for UC.

Enterprise Risk Management

ERM logoUCOP's ERM program helps the university achieve its goals by strategically managing risks inherent to higher educational institutions.

Seismic Safety Program

Learn more about UC’s ongoing efforts to improve seismic safety and well-being of the UC community and the public at large.