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Business/Mission Continuity Planners at each UC campus and medical center collaborate with faculty & staff in their institutions to increase the University’s resilience in the face of disruptive events. By building resilience, these dedicated planners work to improve the ability to continue the University’s mission of teaching, research, public service and patient care during any disruptive event - and to return to normal performance as quickly as possible. An important aspect of this work is the development of a continuity plan for the institution as whole, as well as for select individual departments. These business/mission continuity plans contain information and strategies that would be needed during a recovery process, as well as recommendations for advance preparations.

IT Disaster Recovery

Recognizing our universal dependence on IT, the UC Ready IT Disaster Recovery (ITDR) Program prepares the University to recover from IT disruptions. IT Disaster Recovery Plans describe strategies and procedures for recovering vital information systems, records, and other data following any IT disruption.

UC Ready Tool

The Continuity Planning program utilizes a web-based software tool named, UC Ready. This industry-leading application is built on the Salesforce platform and supports continuity planning efforts at both the enterprise and department level. UC Ready also supports building emergency planning and application-level and enterprise-level ITDR plans.

UC Ready Funds

The UCOP Office of Risk Services offers funds to support the UC Ready effort at each UC institution. These funds are used to employ staff to implement and maintain their business/mission continuity program.