The iRequest is an online-hosted Facility Management System that enables the University of California Office of the President BASC team to receive online requests from employees, and then solicit bids from, and/or dispatch work orders & preventive maintenance tasks to preferred building maintenance contractors, suppliers & onsite staff.

Available to:

  • Designated employees by department
  • Managers authorized to approve work orders for service and recharges
  • Individual contractors who service work order requests

Please check with your supervisor to find out the designated iRequest users for your department.


Authorized employees may access iRequest here.

Services Available Through iRequest

By providing a valid user name and password, authorized employees can request services, including:

  • Access card and key control
  • Facilities space planning
  • Office layouts
  • Workstation adjustments and reconfigurations
  • Furniture procurement
  • Move coordination
  • Project management for tenant improvements
  • Lease administration
  • Management of service contracts
  • Security
  • Emergency services
  • Reception desks
  • Storage
  • Parking
  • Public transit program administration