Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

UCOP provides two charging options for electric vehicle (EV) owners currently parking in the Franklin parking garage, as follows:

  1. 110VAC wall outlet - $10/month (slow)
  2. ChargePoint EV charging station - $1.94/hour (fast)

110VAC wall outlet

The 110VAC wall outlets are available throughout the parking facility.  We also provide four dedicated parking spaces on Level 3 for 110VAC charging.

The fee is $10/m.  To sign up, contact UCOP Parking and Transportation at commuterserviceshelp@ucop.edu.

ChargePoint EV charging station

This charger is a part of the ChargePoint Network and is located on Level 3 of the Franklin parking garage.  It comes with two ports so it can charge two vehicles at the same time.  The fee is $1.94/hr. 

IMPORTANT:  ChargePoint will bill you for your usage based on the length of time your vehicle is connected to the charging station so please make sure you move your vehicle accordingly which will also allow the next EV owner to charge up.

To charge a vehicle, you may use a ChargePoint access card, an RFID-enabled credit card, or call ChargePoint customer support toll-free to provide a credit card number by phone. You may also download the ChargePoint mobile app to charge your vehicle with just one tap from your smart phone.

You must register with ChargePoint to activate your ChargePoint access card.  You can initiate a charge session without a membership, but with a free ChargePoint account, you can set up mobile and email notifications to get updates on the charging status of your vehicle.  

Visit ChargePoint for additional instructions, including a video demonstration on how to charge your vehicle.