iSpace is an on-line system for collecting, editing and disseminating information about buildings and rooms for purposes of managing UCOP space. iSpace was developed with the intention of making vital planning information available to the UCOP community such as building, room, department, program and room use reports and floor plans.

iSpace is available for use by UCOP department authorized personnel.


Users may access iSpace here.

By providing a valid username and password, the user can select various information options for Buildings, Department Pages, Room Use Codes, Master Floor Plans and Reference Manuals. To acquire iSpace access, click on the "Apply for Access" link, fill out the on-line account application and hit the "Register" button. Access will be granted by Building Services staff shortly after the on-line request form is submitted.

For more information about using iSpace, review the iSpace user guide (pdf).

Technical details

iSpace is a web-based data warehouse of information on the 24 buildings and 1.2 million square feet of space managed by UCOP. The system is accessed on the internet using a simple web browser and a password — no installation required, no browser plug-ins, no Java applets, no ActiveX controls. Just a simple web browser and an account is all that's needed to browse floor plans of UCOP space, view departmental assignments, square footages and room listings, occupants and room uses, etc.

Behind the scenes, the square footage in the system are synchronized with an archive of CAD plans by BASC. Information in the system can be managed jointly by BASC and departmental occupants, with full audit and change management capabilities, which greatly improves the accuracy of the information in the system, and its responsiveness to a wide range of institutional stakeholders. Additional modules are available to support interactive maps and an online plan room of as-builts and construction drawings. iSpace manages all of this facility's information using standards-based and openly accessible CAD and graphics formats, and tabular data stored in a standardized SQL92-compliant relational database.

All of the data in the warehouse is downloadable and can be imported into common desktop applications such as Microsoft Excel and Access, AutoCAD, Freehand, Visio, Adobe Photoshop, Paint Shop Pro, etc. The server is being relocated from its current home at a data center at the University of California, San Diego to a similar production data center in Oakland. The system is mirrored to ensure high-availability and data integrity.