UC Sponsored Legislation


AB 1838 (Bonilla) makes a pathway in licensure for accelerated medical education programs. UC co-sponsor with the Medical Board of California. Angela Gilliard

AB 1989 (Chesbro) allows 18-20 year old students majoring in accredited winemaking and brewery science programs within California public colleges and universities to taste the beer or wine beverage during the courses of instruction focused on production and sensory evaluation. Jason Murphy

AB 2726 (Daly) allows the University greater flexibility with respect to the sale of surplus property.  Specifically AB 2726 will allow the UC to take into account a broader range of factors beyond price when selecting the winning bidder for a UC parcel or property – and expands the University’s authority to sell small parcels and properties (under $1 million) in a more streamlined manner.  Jason Murphy

SB 502 (Block) seeks to increase the threshold on minor capital projects from the current $500K to $1M.  It requires UC to establish a procedure to qualify and rate bidders when the cost of the project exceeds $400K but does not exceed $1M. Jason Murphy

SB 1210 (Lara) would establish a campus-based State Education Access Loan Program to serve UC and CSU students who qualify for a nonresident tuition exemption under AB 540 but who lack access to federal student loans. Nadia Leal-Carillo