Real Estate owned by The Regents of the University of California is held and managed either as "Endowment" or "University-related" property. Endowment property is property received by the University through a donor's gift or bequest. It is held for income generation and/or future sale. The Real Estate Services Group (RESG) oversees management and sale of Endowment property. (Each UC campus has a foundation which may hold property in its name and is responsible for management and sale of foundation-owned real estate.)

University-related properties are used for the University's programs in furtherance of the University's teaching, research and public service mission. University-related properties are managed by campus or other University units that use the property in their program. If a University-related property is determined to be surplus (i.e., there is no current or foreseeable University-related use), then RESG is responsible for its sale.

Properties available are listed on the pages linked below. With certain exceptions, University-related properties are subject to sale by sealed competitive bid and information on that process is also provided on the links below.