Working at the University of California

The UCOP Procurement Services team administers UC acquisition policies and programs while partnering with campuses to establish and manage systemwide agreements. Please refer to our UCOP Procurement Team directory for a full list of contacts.

  • Working at the Office of the President and in need of procurement assistance? Local Procurement Services at UCOP facilitates local contracts and purchasing needs for all Office of the President business groups (see the UCOP Procurement Team for contact information). 
  • For specific campus purchasing needs and questions, please contact your local campus procurement team. Campus Procurement Directories.
  • Need more information or help identifying systemwide agreements? The University of California establishes systemwide agreements for goods and services that are commonly purchased across each of the university’s locations. Systemwide agreements are typically created through a competitive selection process that considers the business requirements and policies of the university’s locations, the quality of goods and services provided by the supplier, as well as the price of goods and services. 

Find more information about the various services provided by UCOP Procurement below. 

Procurement Systems & Tutorials

Reference guides and access to the UC Procurement systems for sourcing and contract management.

Systemwide RFPs

Strategic sourcing Requests For Proposals on systemwide projects.

Strategic Sourcing Team Roster PDF

UC Procurement contacts for systemwide contracts.

Equipment Management

Establishes procedures for the management and control of all inventorial equipment under the care and custody of the regents.

Sustainability at UC

UC is committed to sustainable purchasing practices. Sustainability requirements are included in all universitywide RFPs.

Small Business Outreach Program Managers

Campus contacts for engaging Small Business.