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Academic Affairs

We are a systemwide resource for academic excellence in research, teaching and public service.

The Office of the Provost builds on the energy and academic strength of UC’s campuses to enhance the system’s educational impact. We help recruit and retain outstanding professors and provide them with the support they need to succeed. We promote excellence through programs that help prepare, recruit and support undergraduate, graduate and professional students. We manage programs that help position UC and California as engines of economic, social and cultural development. And we ensure that UC remains on the cutting edge of innovation in teaching and learning by supporting new academic initiatives.


Aimée Dorr

Provost and Executive Vice President


Academic Personnel and Programs

We advance UC’s mission through innovative academic policy and programs serving UC faculty and students.

Academic Personnel and Programs manages systemwide programs and develops policy supporting faculty careers at UC, including recruitment, retention, advancement, compensation, diversity, and affirmative action. We have universitywide responsibility for education abroad and exchange relationships. We provide faculty and students with opportunities to study and work in Washington, DC and Sacramento. We help prepare high school and middle school students for university opportunities. Several of our programs offer publication, media, and digital services to the UC community as well as to California and to the world.


Susan Carlson

Vice Provost

Education Partnerships

We help produce high-quality teachers for California and prepare strong students for college and careers.

Education Partnerships manages programs, initiatives and services that improve and strengthen learning. We provide UC campuses with research on best practices, support for credential candidate recruitment and preparation, and support for educator leadership initiatives. We administer statewide academic programs and provide support to UC campuses for college access and preparation efforts that raise student achievement generally and close achievement gaps between groups of students throughout the P-20 education pipeline.


Yvette Gullatt

Vice Provost and Chief Outreach Officer

Institutional Research and Academic Planning

We provide analyses and reports that inform and shape strategic planning, institutional policy, and decision support.

IRAP provides timely, accurate, consistent and reliable information about UC and the environment in which it operates. Through evidence-based analyses, we support and guide enrollment planning, policy creation and revision, program and campus budget reviews, statewide higher education studies and UC operations. We also produce the annual Accountability Report, which assesses UC's activities, achievements and operations through data-driven narratives and visualizations. Read more »


Pamela Brown

Vice President

Research and Graduate Studies

We work to strengthen research and graduate education across UC.

The Office of Research and Graduate Studies (ORGS) is a resource for UC researchers and administrators in research policy, funding for systemwide programs, technology transfer, and graduate education. We work to build UC-wide partnerships, help shape effective policies and provide a strong voice nationally for research and graduate education on behalf of UC.


William Tucker

Interim Vice President


Research Grants Program Office

We fund research to address some of California's most critical needs.

The Research Grants Program Office (RGPO) oversees a broad grantmaking portfolio of nearly $65 million a year to support research that is critical to California, the nation and the world. RGPO programs enhance UC’s research capacity and excellence, which helps attract top faculty, graduate students, government funding and companies to our state. These grants also enable researchers and community agencies to collaborate and solve the most pressing problems in the state. RGPO also provides grants for training undergraduates, graduate and postdoctoral researchers, whose work will benefit California communities. Learn more


Mary Croughan

Executive Director

Natural Reserve System

We provide a network of protected natural areas throughout California.

The Natural Reserve System aims to contribute to the understanding and wise stewardship of the Earth and its natural systems by supporting university-level teaching, research, and public service at protected natural areas throughout California.  Our 38 sites include more than 750,000 acres, making it the largest university-administered reserve system in the world. Most major state ecosystems are represented, from coastal tidepools to inland deserts, and lush wetlands to Sierra Nevada forests.

Peggy L. Fiedler

Director, NRS

Innovation Alliances and Services

We help move innovations from the research lab to industry.

Innovation Alliances and Services (IAS) acts at the systemwide level to support UC campuses as they build partnerships and collaborations with regional, national and global companies. We develop and manage programs that enhance university-industry relationships, create tools to help connect external parties to researchers and encourage best practices at UC campuses as they forge alliances with industry. We also support technology transfer operations by providing information systems, financial management, patent prosecution and intellectual property management services.


William Tucker

Executive Director

Graduate Studies

We support and advance graduate education at UC.

Graduate Studies advances graduate education at the University of California through strategic planning, analysis, outreach and coordination. This includes the development of graduate research and preparation opportunities as well as advocacy efforts through systemwide initiatives and programs. Learn more


Pamela D. Jennings


Research Policy Analysis and Coordination

We coordinate policy and guidance to support and advance research at UC.

Research Policy Analysis and Coordination (RPAC), a unit of the Office of Research and Graduate Studies (ORGS), provides guidance and assistance in the development, interpretation and implementation of policies and external rules in the conduct of extramurally funded research at the University of California. Learn more


Wendy Streitz

Executive Director

Student Affairs

We provide strategic leadership, planning and support for undergraduate admissions, student financial support and student services.

Student Affairs supports UC campuses, K-12 schools, California community colleges and community organizations in their efforts to prepare, matriculate, support and enhance the academic, social and intellectual life of a diverse current and future student body. We provide policy analysis and development, research, legislative and regulatory analysis, and program management. We also advise and support campuses in maintaining positive campus climates that are conducive to student success, diversity, health and wellness, leadership and involvement, and student retention.


Judy Sakaki

Vice President

Business Operations

We oversee and develop policy for the university's business operations.

The Executive Vice President - Chief Financial Officer and Interim Chief Operating Officer serves as chief administrative officer for the University of California system, with responsibility over systemwide budget, facility construction and maintenance, real estate management, human resource administration and information technology support. This office also oversees the budget and administration of the Office of the President.


Nathan Brostrom

Executive Vice President – Chief Financial Officer & Interim Chief Operating Officer


Budget & Capital Resources

We support campuses in the effective management of systemwide resources.

Budget and Capital Resources supports and provides recommendations to the president and the campuses in the effective utilization, allocation and management of systemwide resources. We promote the stewardship of operating and capital resources, advocate for the university's resource needs and serve as representative and advocate for the university's interests with agencies and entities that regulate capital resources. Learn more


Patrick Lenz

Vice President


Capital Resources Management

We support systemwide capital projects.

Capital Resources Management (CRM) provides systemwide leadership and campus support in the following areas: capital budget strategy, policy and recommendations to the regents and the state of California; capital project design and delivery strategies, policy, contract development and training; design professional selections; building/safety code and regulatory issues; land use and site planning, long-range development plans, CEQA compliance and environmental documents; sustainability; and real estate transactions.


Deborah Wylie

Associate Vice President


Capital Planning

We manage the review and approval processes for UC's capital program.

Capital Planning partners with campuses in the development of capital projects through the Ten Year Capital Financial Plan and the Annual Budget for State Capital Improvements. The unit coordinates with OGC, Capital Markets Finance and the Secretary of the Regents office on funding, compliance and other issues to ensure success of capital proposals. Under the Delegated Process, projects less than $60 million are verified for policy compliance. Capital Planning collaborates with campuses on proposed policy and process revisions; provides information required by State agencies; and responds to project-specific queries.

Dana Santa Cruz

Interim Director/ Capital Programs

Design Services

We support systemwide capital project design.

Design Services supports capital project design approvals, and CEQA approvals and compliance. We recommend design and construction policy to the Regents, represent University interests on building code development, and coordinate with governmental agencies. Design Services manages the Designated Campus Fire Marshal program, and acts as a resource to campuses for code interpretations.


Catherine Kniazewycz

Director of Architecture

Construction Services

We provide support, policy and contract guidance for campus capital programs and construction staff.

Construction Services provides guidance, support, and training to campus capital programs and construction staff. We provide campuses with innovative strategic options to deliver projects, manage costs, and mitigate project risk by advocating industry best practices and crafting complementary policies, procedures, guidelines, contract documents, and educational opportunities. We assist campuses in resolving construction disputes in an equitable and legal manner by offering advice and chairing the Construction Review Board. Construction Services Capital Program Institute leverages industry partnerships and UC professionals to educate over 800 annual UC registrants on more than a dozen critical topics.


Chris Hornbeck


Real Estate Services Group

We oversee policy, transactions and activities for university-related real estate.

Working closely with each campus, RESG is responsible to negotiate acquisitions, sales and ground leases. We provide assistance on strategic planning, business case analysis, due diligence and market, valuation, and financial feasibility analysis for real estate matters. RESG supports campus leasing, licensing and other real estate activities with consulting services, training, documents and forms. RESG also accepts, manages and sells endowment real estate received via gift and bequest, and consults with campus foundations.


Gordon Schanck


Operating Budget and Facilities Management

We develop the university’s annual operating budget requests and provide support for systemwide facilities management.

Operating Budget and Facilities Management develops the university’s annual operating budget requests to the regents and the state of California. Our role includes analysis and synthesis of the university's budget needs and policies as well as advocacy in support of the university’s budget, strategy development and preparation for legislative budget hearings. We also support the management of university operating resources and provide leadership and campus support for facilities maintenance, utility matters, energy utilization and strategic planning for long-term resource needs.


Debora Obley

Associate Vice President


Energy & Facilities Management Services

We develop strategies and policies to support effective and efficient operation, maintenance and renewal of UC's real estate assets.

EFMS supports the university’s diverse asset base and helps to chart a path to carbon neutrality with increased procurement transparency. Program areas include wholesale electric, retail load (e.g. campus energy efficiency and renewable energy), natural gas and biogas procurement and development, management of environmental attributes (e.g. carbon allowances), university legislative and regulatory representation on facility issues, ICAMP (Integrated Capital Asset Management Program), purchased utility database, certified elevator program, and the Facility Manual.


George Getgen


Operating Budget

We develop, negotiate and manage the university's operating budget.

The Operating Budget unit develops, negotiates and manages the university’s operating budget. Our role includes analysis and synthesis of the university’s budget needs and policies as well as advocacy in support of the university’s budget, strategy development, interaction with campuses on budget management issues, and preparation for legislative budget hearings.


Clifton Bowen

Director of the Operating Budget

Human Resources

We oversee human resources programs and policies for the UC system as a whole.

The Office of Human Resources is responsible for systemwide human resources and programs. This includes strategic planning, employee and labor relations, talent management, staff development, senior management recruitment, compensation, performance management and the development and maintenance of staff personnel policies with the intent of ensuring compliance in all areas. We oversee all aspects of universitywide health and welfare programs and policies as well as administration of UC retirement operations. Learn more


Dwaine B. Duckett

Vice President

Information Technology Services

We provide information technology services for the UC system, including campuses and UCOP.

The work of ITS touches many aspects of university life. Prospective students use applyUC to apply online for undergraduate admissions. Faculty and staff use  At Your Service Online to access their benefits and retirement plans.

Read the ITS guiding statement, along with our five-point strategy and objectives.

Tom Andriola

Vice President and Chief Information Officer

Building & Administrative Service Center (BASC)

We support UCOP building and administrative needs.

The Building and Administrative Service Center (BASC) offers systems and services that support the work of the Office of the President. We strive to provide a clean, safe and secure working environment and efficient administrative support services.

Steven Murray

BASC Director

Center for Operations Excellence (COPE)

We help UCOP departments develop organizational change strategies to meet current and future business demands.

The Center for Operations Excellence (COPE) helps UCOP departments develop organizational change strategies through teamwork, problem solving and continuous improvement, all with a focus on customer service. We ensure effective and efficient operations by mediating collaboration between Office of the President operations units. We can help with operational coordination, facilitation, workload analysis, organizational review and change management.


Karla Campbell

Director of Operations

Strategic Resources Group

We coordinate and support UCOP project management.

The Strategic Resources Group (SRG) serves UCOP by coordinating project management, business analysis and change management resources. We establish standardized project management tools and methodologies and facilitate activities and training to improve project management skills across the organization. SRG also provides OP-wide project tracking, status reporting, project risk assessment and decision-making support.

UCOP Budget Office

We develop, monitor and manage the local UCOP budget program.

The UCOP Budget Office is responsible for systematically aligning resources with strategic needs and goals. We prepare the annual UCOP budget request for the Board of Regents, provide UC senior leadership and department heads with tools regarding actual expenditures against the budget and provide support to UCOP departments on budget-related issues. We also manage the annual UCOP fiscal close process.

Kristen Neal

Interim Director

Chief Investment Officer of the Regents

We manage UC investment funds and provide fiduciary oversight.

The Office of the Chief Investment Officer of the Regents currently manages a portfolio of investments totaling approximately $91 billion, which includes retirement, endowment, and cash assets. Learn more »

UC Joins UN-Supported Principles
for Responsible Investment

University of California proposes creation
of new venture fund to invest in UC innovation


Jagdeep Singh Bachher

Chief Investment Officer, Vice President of Investments

Ethics, Compliance and Audit Services

We provide tools and resources to our campuses to help fulfill the mission of the University in an ethical and compliant manner.

The Office of Ethics, Compliance and Audit Services (ECAS) provides direction, guidance and resource references on how to optimize ethical and compliant behavior through effective ethics and compliance programs. Our goal is to help the university fulfill its responsibilities to the people of California in an ethical environment that is compliant with applicable laws, rules and regulations and in which the public trust is maintained.


Sheryl Vacca

Senior Vice President and Chief Compliance and Audit Officer

External Relations

We build public understanding and support for the university's mission.

External Relations is focused on establishing strong relationships with outside constituencies and building broad understanding of the many ways in which UC contributes to the lives of all Californians. Departments within External Relations are responsible for communications, governmental relations at the state and federal levels, and institutional advocacy.


Daniel M. Dooley

Senior Vice President


Alumni and Constituent Affairs

We help alumni help UC.

UC has more than 1.6 million alumni living and working around the globe. They are leaders and contributors to the vitality of our communities, our businesses and our culture. The mission of the Alumni and Constituent Affairs office is to enrich the lives of alumni and engage them as volunteers, advocates and contributors who strengthen the University of California.


John Valva

Executive Director


We tell the UC story with clarity and conviction.

Communications builds public awareness of UC’s value and its impact on the lives of people in California and beyond. Working with campus colleagues, OP leaders and our clients, we respond to critical issues; convey the breadth and depth of UC’s leadership in teaching, research and public service; and foster pride and engagement in the UC community.

Peter King and Katherine Edwards

Executive Directors

Federal Governmental Relations

We are UC's liaison to the federal government.

The University of California's Office of Federal Governmental Relations is located at the UC Washington Center in Washington, DC. As the largest public research institution in the world, the university engages in numerous partnerships with federal education, health care and research agencies. Working with Congress, the administration, federal agencies and national organizations, we advocate for the university and its missions in education, research and public service.


Gary Falle

Associate Vice President

Institutional Advancement

We facilitate financial and other support for the university's research, teaching and public service mission.

The Office of Institutional Advancement (IA) promotes, expedites, encourages and assists the campuses in increasing private, voluntary support of the university by providing a central hub for inquiries about support, managing reports and analyses of fundraising activities and assuring accountability in the private support program.  We work to interpret, coordinate and oversee policy for volunteer and private support, oversee endowment administration matters and issues related to UC's status as a 501(c)(3) entity. Learn more


Geoff O'Neill

Assistant Vice President


We develop UC's positions on legislative issues and provide analysis and research in support of policy initiatives.

Issues Management, Policy Analysis & Coordination (IMPAC) is responsible for coordinating  the development of the university's position for state and federal legislation, as well as responses to state and federal legislative, gubernatorial, and other official requests. IMPAC provides policy analysis and research to further initiatives consistent with UC's policy agenda.


Jenny Kao

Executive Director

State Governmental Relations

We serve as the primary university representative to state elected officials and agencies.

State Governmental Relations (SGR) serves to advance understanding and support for UC's tripartite mission of teaching, research and public service. As UC's principal representative to state elected officials and state agencies in Sacramento, we represent university positions on legislative, budgetary and policy matters.


Steve Juarez

Associate Vice President & Director

Office of the Chief Financial Officer

We manage and oversee systemwide financial management.

The CFO division is responsible for the systemwide management and oversight of all aspects of financial management at the campuses, academic medical centers and Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory. Responsibilities include oversight on accounting and financial controls, risk management, strategic sourcing, tax compliance, payroll coordination and long range financial planning. We are also responsible for external relationships with rating agencies, investment houses, banks, financial auditors and financial regulators.


Nathan Brostrom

Executive Vice President - Chief Financial Officer and Interim Chief Operating Officer


Capital Markets Finance

We support capital-raising activities systemwide.

We provide support for capital programs to the campuses and medical centers which, in turn, provide services to our faculty and student body. In serving the university's needs, the staff of Capital Markets Finance is dedicated to providing efficient service with the highest standards of excellence. For debt information and financial reports, see bondholder information.


Sandra Kim

Associate Vice President - Finance

Financial Accounting

We provide systemwide financial management, reporting, policy, procedures and administrative services in support of UC's mission.

Financial Accounting provides numerous systemwide support functions, including financial management and reporting in connection with employee benefits, debts, federal and other extramurally funded projects, endowment funds, and campus foundations. We oversee financial accounting policy, initiate changes to the Payroll/Personnel System, and develop systemwide policy and procedures regarding payroll, disbursements and tax matters. For UCOP, we operate the shared administrative services center.


Peggy Arrivas

Associate Vice President, Systemwide Controller

Financial Services and Controls

We provide systemwide banking and treasury services, faculty mortgage lending, and managed travel programs.

Financial Services and Controls is responsible for systemwide financial services, cash management, financial controls and accountability. By aligning banking needs with appropriate service providers and managing vendor relationships (depository, disbursement, purchase card, travel card, merchant card), we strive to ensure optimal pricing and service. We also originate and service mortgage loans for nominated faculty and senior staff and develop, implement and operate the university's central travel management program.


Daniel C. Sampson

Assistant Vice President


Banking and Treasury Services

We provide systemwide guidance, expertise and leadership with respect to banking and related services used in the administration of UC funds.

Banking and Treasury Services supports clients (campuses, medical centers, labs and other UCOP departments) through a service-oriented approach that strives to match organizational needs and objectives with appropriate service providers. By effectively managing vendor relationships, we seek to acquire state-of-the-art services, while minimizing associated costs.  In addition, through a collaborative partnership with the Office of the Chief Investment Officer of the Regents, our group is responsible for strategic liquidity analysis, optimization of daily earnings and other related cash management functions.  


Jerry Frantz


Central Travel Management

We support and manage systemwide employee travel.

Central Travel Management is responsible for managing university travel, including negotiating contracts with agency providers, hotels, rental cars and airlines; monitoring usage of the Connexxus system and its success in meeting savings targets; and recommending best practices in managing systemwide travel spending. We coordinate the development, implementation and management of the Connexxus Travel Program through campus and laboratory participation on the UC Travel Management Council.

Debra Almason


Procurement Services

We develop and implement systemwide procurement and supply chain policies and strategies.

Procurement Services at UCOP partners with systemwide UC procurement teams to standardize agreements and procedures, which make it easier to do business with the university and ensure our campus clients have access to the goods and services they need. By using strategic and collaborative sourcing methods, supported by tools, training and data analysis, we optimize spend and purchasing activities across the UC system, creating significant savings for the university. Our Story


William Cooper

Associate Vice President & Chief Procurement Officer

Risk Services

We enable university faculty, staff and students to identify and manage risks associated with their activities.

The Office of Risk Services is responsible for developing and implementing Enterprise Risk Management systemwide, identifying and developing strategies to minimize the impact of risk, developing a center of excellence for managing risk, reducing costs and improving safety by executing new ideas and strategic plans in a rapid manner. By strategically managing risk we can reduce the chances of loss, create greater financial stability and protect our resources in support of UC's mission. Learn more about managing risk through Enterprise Risk Management (ERM).


Cheryl Lloyd

Chief Risk Officer

Office of General Counsel

We are the systemwide source of legal representation, advice and guidance.

The Office of General Counsel (OGC) provides legal services to the university, including representation, advice, research and training. We also provide legal opinions to the Board of Regents, administration, faculty, staff and others acting on the university's behalf. We report jointly to the Board of Regents and the president. Learn more


Charles F. Robinson

General Counsel and Vice President – Legal Affairs

Health Sciences and Services

We advance the education, research and clinical service missions of UC Health.

Health Sciences and Services (HSS) provides leadership and strategic direction for UC’s 16 health professional schools and 10 hospitals, collectively known as UC Health. HSS supports operational initiatives at individual campuses, promoting collaboration among the university's health professional schools and overseeing the business and financial activities of the clinical enterprise. Read more


John Stobo, M.D.

Senior Vice President