We support systemwide capital projects.

Capital Resources Management (CRM) provides systemwide leadership and campus support in the following areas: capital budget strategy, policy and recommendations to the regents and the state of California; capital project design and delivery strategies, policy, contract development and training; design professional selections; building/safety code and regulatory issues; land use and site planning, long-range development plans, CEQA compliance and environmental documents; sustainability; and real estate transactions.

Deborah Wylie

Deborah Wylie

Associate Vice President


Capital Planning

Manages the review and approval processes for UC's capital program.

Top Destinations
Capital financial plan 2011-21 (pdf)
Capital projects approvals (pdf)
Regents item submission schedule (pdf)

Design Services

Provides guidance and assistance for systemwide capital project design, CEQA compliance and sustainability.

Top Destinations
Design matters
Design approvals process
CEQA compliance & planning

Construction Services

Provides policy and contract guidance for campus capital programs and construction staff.

Top Destinations
Capital Programs Institute (CPI)
Facilities Manual
Construction contract templates

Real Estate Services Group

Oversees policy, transactions and activities for university-related real estate.

Top Destinations
Authority to approve and execute real estate transactions (pdf)
Properties for sale
Seismic policy

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ADA for UC Project Managers
Capital Program Implementation for Planners
Project Management in the UC Environment
Building Commissioning for Project Managers