Please follow the instructions and guidelines below to locate colleagues in your area and set up rideshare arrangements to and from work. Be sure to update your status if your vehicle is full or if you are no longer able to offer rides.

DISCLAIMER: Note that this resource is not a UC-sponsored commuter program or a contract for continued service. Employees are arranging these rides voluntarily and at their own convenience and risk.


  • Find your zone in the zone map
  • Go to:  https://sp.ucop.edu/sites/coo/Lists/rs/
    • Drivers - If you have seats available and are willing to take on passengers, please sign up by clicking on "Add new item." If you have filled all seats, please remember to update your status to indicate you are full.
    • Riders - Directly contact any driver in your zone who is not full to see if you can make arrangements.

Some guidelines

  • Flexibility and collegiality are the keys to making this system work.
  • Drivers should post for round trips to simplify planning.
  • Communication is essential! If you make a commitment, keep it, and don’t leave your colleagues hanging.