Set targets for staff salary ranges

Current Status  Updated May 2017

CSA due date is April 2020


Analysis Underway

Partially Implemented

Fully Implemented

Fully Implemented CSA Confirmed

Project Goals

  • Leverage third-party surveys, which include appropriate and relevant public and private sector pay comparison, for salary range review and target setting.

Plan Assumptions

  • Establish competitive salary ranges based on market data in which the range midpoint continues to be proxy for median pay in the market.

CSA Reporting Requirements and Milestones

By April 2018

  • Develop a method for weighting public and private sector pay data when establishing salaries for all positions.
  • Determine how to restructure salary ranges to make certain the ranges encourage employee development and ensure pay equity.

By April 2019

  • Set targets for any needed reductions to salary amounts using the results from its public and private sector comparison and adjust its salaries accordingly.
  • Narrow its salary ranges.
  • Create a plan for reallocating funds to campuses that it saves as it reduces its staffing costs.

By April 2020

  • Adjust its salary levels and ranges to meet its established targets.
  • Reallocate funds to campuses when adjustments to its salaries and benefits result in savings.
  • Report to the regents on the amount of funds it reallocates to campuses as a result of implementing our recommendations.

Workstream Milestones (preliminary)

1. Organize stakeholder group to discuss third-party market surveys for UCOP May 30, 2017
2. Stakeholder group reviews and establishes:
  • Current third-party salary surveys
  • New/additional survey sources
  • Participant/comparator lists
  • Survey/participant/comparator cuts
  • Process for utilizing market data
June 30, 2017
3. Stakeholder group to review first-round test results July 31, 2017
4. Stakeholder group establishes options for review and analysis August 31, 2017
5. Present recommendation, options and analyses to UCOP leadership for review and feedback October 30, 2017
6. Present final recommendations and options to President for approval January 31, 2018
7. Complete third-party survey participation 2018
8. Analyze final, up-to-date survey data, assessing potential for adjusting ranges according to plan approved by President April 2019
9. Implement final action plan and assess potential savings for campus reallocation April 2020
10. Report to Regents on actions taken and fund any reallocations to campuses July 2020