Set targets for staff salary ranges

Project Goals

  • Leverage third-party surveys, which include appropriate and relevant public and private sector pay comparison, for salary range review and target setting.

Plan Assumptions

  • Establish competitive salary ranges based on market data in which the range midpoint continues to be proxy for median pay in the market.

CSA Recommendations

By April 2018

  • Develop a method for weighting public and private sector pay data when establishing salaries for all positions.
  • Determine how to restructure salary ranges to make certain the ranges encourage employee development and ensure pay equity.

By April 2019

  • Set targets for any needed reductions to salary amounts using the results from its public and private sector comparison and adjust its salaries accordingly.
  • Narrow its salary ranges.
  • Create a plan for reallocating funds to campuses that it saves as it reduces its staffing costs.

By April 2020

  • Adjust its salary levels and ranges to meet its established targets.
  • Reallocate funds to campuses when adjustments to its salaries and benefits result in savings.
  • Report to the regents on the amount of funds it reallocates to campuses as a result of implementing our recommendations.