Subject matter assignments

Liaisons by subject matter assignment or area of expertise.

Assignments Contacts
Alcohol and Other Drugs

Jerlena Griffin-Desta
Taisha Caldwell

Associate/Assistant Vice Chancellors for Student Affairs/Deans of Students

Jerlena Griffin-Desta
Eric Heng

Athletic Directors Belinda Vea
California College Pathways (Statewide Foster Youth Consortium) Jerlena Griffin-Desta 
Eric Heng 
Belinda Vea
Campus Climate Jerlena Griffin-Desta
Eric Heng
Carbon Neutrality Initiative Eric Heng
Child Care Jerlena Griffin-Desta
Constitution Day Eric Heng
Counseling Center Directors Taisha Caldwell
Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA)/P2P Jerlena Griffin-Desta
Eric Heng
Diversity Jerlena Griffin-Desta
Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) Eric Heng

Global Climate Leadership Council

Eric Heng

Global Food Initiative

Eric Heng
George Zamora

Graduate Student Support

Jessika Jones

Greek Life Coordinators

Belinda Vea
Housing and Residential Life Directors Eric Heng
International Student/Scholar Services Directors Jerlena Griffin-Desta
LGBT Directors George Zamora
Policies Applying to Campus Activities, Organizations and Students (PACAOS) Jerlena Griffin-Desta
Eric Heng
President's Award for Outstanding Student Leadership George Zamora
Recreation Directors Belinda Vea
Registrars Eric Heng
Services for Current and Former Foster Youth Directors/Coordinators Belinda Vea
Services for Students with Disabilities Directors Belinda Vea
Services for Veterans and Military Affiliated Personnel Coordinators Belinda Vea
Student Coonduct/Judicial Affairs Officers Eric Heng
Student Health Insurance Program (SHIP) Belinda Vea
Student Health Services Directors Taisha Caldwell
Student Liability Workgroup (Student Event Insurance) Belinda Vea
Student Mental Health Taisha Caldwell 
Jerlena Griffin-Desta
Student Policies Jerlena Griffin-Desta
Eric Heng
Student Program and Activities Office Directors/Coordinators Belinda Vea
Student Representation on Systemwide Committees George Zamora
Student Wellness Belinda Vea
Systemwide Sexual Assault Grant Belinda Vea
UC Living Well for Students Belinda Vea
UC Sexual Violence/Sexual Harassment Eric Heng
Undergraduate Student Support Jessika Jones
Undocumented Student Services Coordinators George Zamora
University of California Student Association (UCSA) Eric Heng
George Zamora
University of California' Undergraduate Experience Survey (UCUES) Belinda Vea
Vice Chancellors of Students Affairs Jerlena Griffin-Desta
Voter Registration Eric Heng 
George Zamora