Property & Other Insurance

The university's Property program seeks to protect university assets through restoration of property loss/damage, risk analysis, control and prevention. This program provides coverage for direct physical loss and is extended to property owned or in the care, custody, and control of the regents of the university.

The university's Property program consists of both insurance and self-insurance programs which are managed by Office of the President, Office of Risk Services. These programs include coverage for buildings, contents, equipment, vessels, fine art and library collections. The Office of the President, Office of Risk Services, is responsible for purchasing insurance policies to cover the university's assets and manages the funding and administration of the Property Self Insurance Program through the use of a third party claims administrator. The Property Self-Insurance program is funded by each campus and medical center.

Other Insurance coverages include boiler, crime, cyber, fine art, and marine/small watercraft.

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Claims administration

Sedgwick CMS - UC GL
P.O. Box 14534
Lexington, KY 40512-4534
Fax: 925-988-1185

Report a claim: (800) 416-4029, option 1
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Campus and medical center risk management 

Each campus and medical center has a designated risk manager and supporting staff responsible for overseeing their internal processes including:

  • Reporting accidents causing injury or damage to others
  • Claims management coordination with Sedgwick
  • Training and education related to loss prevention