UCOP Management Response Plan

The Management Response Plan establishes an organizational response structure and protocol specifically for the UC Office of the President (UCOP) to follow in reaction to a major emergency, incident, significant issue or reputational risk or event that causes human impacts and significant potential consequences and/or disrupts normal operations of UCOP or one or more of its campuses, medical centers or national laboratory.

The Management Response Plan (MRP) outlines the roles and responsibilities of two teams:

  • The Management Response Team (MRT) provides executive level oversight and strategic decision-making for UCOP during a crisis. The MRT is responsible for addressing issues and impacts on the UC System, as well as protecting the overall reputation and stability of the University.
  • The Response Support Team (RST) is responsible for events that impact UCOP itself as well as ensuring that University locations have the best available support and resources necessary to effectively manage the impacts of any significant incident.

Plan documents are available below:

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