RPAC and Innovation Alliances and Services (IAS) maintain various research enterprise tools, including applications, listservs, training modules, and SharePoint sites to support University of California researchers and research administrators throughout the sponsored research life cycle.

How to request and manage access to applications, listservs, and SharePoint sites

Information on how to access research enterprise tools and links to the Access Request form and Confidentiality Agreement.


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Research Enterprise Management System (REMS) is the application used to track indirect cost exceptions, maintain sponsor codes, and publish sponsor guidance.

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IAS Applications (formerly Operational Tools)

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Innovation Alliances & Services (IAS) supports a suite of applications that provide information about research and technology transfer at UC. These applications include: Faculty Relationships Profile; UC Start-ups; and Company/UC Relationships Profile; You must request access to use these applications.

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IRB Reliance Registry


The UC IRB Reliance Registry facilitates the sharing of Institutional Review Board (IRB) protocol approvals for multisite studies that involve human subjects among the UC campuses.

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Research administration communities

Information about the listservs and SharePoint sites maintained by RPAC to support collaboration among the various research administration and policy communities across the UC system.

UC Online Training

Intellectual Property in Research Agreements: A Basic Course offers a broad introduction to the basics of intellectual property.