Employee networking and interest groups have been established at UCOP to help maintain a work environment that is inviting, nurturing, and hospitable to all employees.

All OP staff are invited to participate in the activities of these groups. These are employee-led and employee-organized groups centered around common life experiences or backgrounds, and their allies. For more information, see the links/contacts provided below.

Asian and Pacific Islander Staff Association

Asian and Pacific Islander Staff Association (APISA) promotes and enhances the well-being of Asian, Asian American and Pacific Islander staff, faculty and students through active participation and representation in the affairs at UCOP and the community at large. We sponsor activities that foster understanding and community building about Asian, Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders.

Benjamin Tsai Link | Ruchi Aggarwal Link

Black Staff & Faculty Organization

Established three decades ago, the Black Staff and Faculty Organization at University of California, Office of the President (BSFO-OP) is an employee-based organization which maintains a network of communication between Black employees at UCOP. BSFO-OP supports local non-profit organizations which serve the Black community, and sponsors a variety of cultural events and programs throughout the year. Through BSFO-OP’s fundraising efforts it provides monetary scholarships to deserving UC-enrolled students.

Claire Donnelly Link | Joyce Price Link

Crafts Group

The Crafts group is a collective of UCOP artisans who gather to share their expertise and unique crafts with coworkers. The Crafts group annual event occurs in early December, where both UCOP and external vendors sell their homemade goods in a Craft Fair in the lobby of the Franklin Building. This Fair allows UCOP employees to purchase a wide variety of crafts for their friends and families, and adds to the festivity and inclusiveness of the Holiday season. Unfortunately, due to COVID-19, there will be no Craft Fair this year.

Carol Lake Link

Latino Staff Association Link

The Latino Staff Association (LaSA) is an employee organization that promotes the general welfare and interests of Latinos in the Office of the President. LaSA was founded in 1993 by Ben Flores. LaSA's activities include scholarship fundraising, speaker series (Charlas con LaSA), cultural events, exhibits, dances, tamale sales, and A's games.

Belinda Vea Link

Native American, Indigenous and Pacific Islander Staff Association

The Native American, Indigenous and Pacific Islander Staff Association (NAIPISA) is a new affinity group that strives to welcome and socially onboard new or returning UCOP staff who identify as Native American, Indigenous and Pacific Islander. NAIPISA will host events and public forums on issues, scholarship, policies and histories impacting Native American, Indigenous and Pacific Islanders at the UC and in its external partnerships and initiatives while working to improve the representation and career pathways of Native American, Indigenous and Pacific Islander staff at UCOP.

Shanda Hunt Link | Charlotte Strem Link

President's Advisory Committee on the Status of Women

The UC Office of the President's Advisory Committee on the Status of Women (PACSW) examines issues regarding the status of women at UCOP and analyzes existing policies, procedures, and programs that affect those issues. We advance an agenda to improve the climate and opportunities for women at UCOP, identify and support model programs or activities, and recommend to the President changes that will afford women equal and fair access.

Aimee Chang Link

Sustainability Affinity Group

The Sustainability Affinity Group (SAG) started in July 2020 to create and promote a culture of sustainability at UCOP locations and focuses on UC Sustainable Practices Policy issue areas. Group members identify and initiate projects and programs to engage with UCOP staff on sustainability best practices and help meet systemwide policy goals in recycling, transportation, energy use, waste reduction, and climate protection. SAG serves as a forum to discuss and act on sustainability timely topics through the lens of diversity, equity, and inclusion.

Michael Aires Link | Donna Seaward Link

UCOP Pride

UCOP Pride is dedicated to providing advocacy, education, and community building for the LGBTQI community and allies within UCOP.

Ianna Urquhart Link

UCOP Staff Assembly

The OP Staff Assembly supports UC's mission by encouraging communication between staff and the administration and other members of the university community on matters of interest to staff employees, in accordance with California laws and regent policy. Our activities provide forums where staff at all levels can discuss issues of mutual concern, and offer opinions and recommendations on policies, processes and programs.


PPSM Supplement F PDF

UCOP Procedure

Guidelines Governing the Access and use of UCOP Facilities and Property by All Employees, Employee Organizations and Their Representatives

Guidelines for Staff Interest Groups

Rules governing local employee associations/advisory groups and their activities, and how to achieve status as a new group/association