UCOP IT Projects

An overview of UCOP customer-impacting IT projects – either currently underway or planned for the near future – is provided here. Detailed training and schedule information for each project will be provided directly to customers at an appropriate time.

The projects listed here fall under the umbrella of the UCOP Modernization of Technology Infrastructure for Value (MOTIVE) initiative, which provides UCOP customers access to more modern and flexible technologies, and helps reduce operating costs at UCOP.

Phone Replacement

Timeframe: July 20 – October 25, 2015

UCOP is replacing its legacy phone system, which services the four UCOP downtown-Oakland buildings, with a single Cisco Voice over IP system. The new system makes “softphones” available, which allow staff to place and take calls via their computer and headset, send voice messages to email, and directly access the UCOP directory.

Migration to the new system will be done one building at a time over different weekends. Training in and demos of the new phone system will be provided to employees the week before their building is scheduled to be migrated. Employees will determine whether a softphone or a traditional desk phone is appropriate for them.

Cloud Email and Calendar Implementation

Timeframe: mid July – mid December 2015

UCOP will move to a cloud-based version of the Outlook email and calendar, along with an instant messaging solution, which are part of the Microsoft Office 365 suite. The Outlook email and calendar will look and function the same as it does now. The version of OWA offered through Office 365 will function more like the regular Outlook than it does currently. Training for instant messaging will be offered.

Migration will start in July and take place department by department, avoiding any heavy-use times. By moving to a cloud-based system, UCOP will reduce the cost of email support and storage.  Details about the Office 365 migration, including a schedule and training materials, are available.

SharePoint 2013 Migration

Timeframe: September – October 2015

UCOP will migrate from SharePoint version 2010 to 2013. Customers will see a number of improvements: a better user interface, improved search, drag and drop document management, and support for all browsers and mobile devices.

SharePoint sites will be scheduled for migration each week during the migration timeframe. Brown bags, test sites, training, and support will be made available.

Vacating the Data Center

Timeframe: present to March 2016

UCOP is vacating the current data center space in the Kaiser Building and moving data center services to cloud or campus based providers. Often referred to as MOTIVE, the project will enable UCOP to reduce operational costs, vacate leased space, deliver a more efficient and agile cloud-based technology environment, reduce energy consumption, and contribute to carbon neutrality goals. Most UCOP personnel will not experience any interruption or change in services. As systems are moved to new service providers, ITS will work closely with the business owner with respect to any necessary system outages or testing.