IT Project Reporting and Guidelines

Required Reporting

Per Regents Policy 5103, University of California locations are required to report to the Regents about IT projects with an estimated or actual cumulative cost of $5 million or more.

Locations must submit reports three times a year to UCOP using templates provided. Two short reports are required: a summary list of projects costing $5 M – $25 M, and a comprehensive report of all projects costing $25 M or more. See the instructions below for more detail.

Report Submission Timeline

Report Period Ending Date Due Date to UCOP Due Date to Regents
Dec. 31 Feb. 1 March 14/15
April 30 June 15 July 31
Aug. 31 Oct. 15 Nov. 30

IT Project Management and Reporting Guidelines

UC provides guidelines for managing IT projects. Each short chapter highlights best practices in a key area of project management and links to useful resources. All UC locations are encouraged to review and adopt these guidelines as practical.

Table of Contents

  1. Executive Summary
  2. Regents Reporting Requirements (MS Word)
  3. Project Development Guidelines
  4. IT Contract Deliverable Expectations (MS Word) 
  5. Appendix