Systemwide HR Policy is responsible for developing and interpreting personnel policies and other employment-related programs, guidelines and procedures for staff employees. 

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Personnel Policies for Staff Members (PPSM)

Policy Creation and Review Process

HR Polices and Policy Owners


Dianna Henderson

Director of HR Policy and Chief of Staff to the VP

Phone: (510) 987-9484


Melanie Carr

Interim Director

Phone: (510) 987-0360


Abby Norris

Policy Specialist

Phone: (510) 987-0612


In-Progress Policy Reviews (Last updated Nov. 1, 2018)

PPSM 63 – Investigatory Leave

Full Review

PPSM 66 – Medical Separation

Formal Review

PPSM 81 – Reasonable Accommodation

Formal Review

PPSM 20 – Recruitment & Promotion

Technical Review – Issuance TBD

PPSM 21 – Selection & Appointment

Technical Review – Issuance TBD

PPSM 30 – Compensation

Full Review – Issuance TBD

Forecasting Future Policy Reviews (6-months projection)

PPSM 2.210 – Absence From Work

Full Review

Recent Policy Changes & Organizational Impacts

Resources For Systemwide HR Policy Coordinators

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