Conflict of Interest Coordinators

Office of the President and
Office of the Chief Investment Officer

Dan Scannell
PRA/COI Coordinator
(510) 287-3844
E-mail COI Coordinator

Laila DeBerry
Enterprise Risk Analyst/Conflict of Interest Coordinator
(510) 643-0233
E-mail Laila Deberry

Jana Gabby
Legal Analyst
(530) 752-8715
E-mail Jana Gabby

Rachel Gamby
Conflict of Interest Coordinator
(949) 824-8713
E-mail Rachel Gamby

Los Angeles
Jenna Radomile
Legal Operations Analyst
(310) 825-7777
E-mail Jenna Radomile

Angela R. Counts
Legal Support Coordinator
(209) 228-2406
E-mail Angela Counts

Tim Willette
Conflict of Interest Coordinator
(951) 827-8246
E-mail Tim Willette


San Diego
Jennifer Ford
Director, Conflict of Interest Office
(858) 534-3335
E-mail Jennifer Ford

San Francisco
Susan Smith
Analyst and Office Manager
Office of Legal Affairs
(415) 476-5003
E-mail Susan Smith

Santa Barbara
Jennifer Lofthus
Policy Coordinator & Deputy ADA Compliance Officer
Office of the Vice Chancellor for Admin Services
(805) 893-7025
E-mail Jennifer Lofthus

Santa Cruz
Gennevie Herbranson
Paralegal and Office Manager
Office of Campus Counsel
(831) 459-1848
E-mail Gennevie Herbranson

Agriculture and Natural Resources
Robin Sanchez
COI Coordinator
(530) 750-1235
E-mail Robin Sanchez

Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
Molly Stoufer
Conflict of Interest Coordinator
(510) 486-5820
E-mail Molly Stoufer