COVID-19 Briefing Series: UC Research

Researchers discuss the cutting edge efforts to respond to the COVID-19 outbreak.

Date: Wednesday, April 29, 2020

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  • Dr. Theresa Maldonado, vice president of research and innovation, UC Office of the President, addressed the importance of UC research for maintaining the U.S. as a leader in science and technology, and how UC is helping overcome obstacles caused by COVID-19 which prevent innovative research and workforce training to advance.
  • Dr. Jennifer Doudna, Li Ka Shing Chancellor's Professor of Biomedical Science, UC Berkeley, discussed ways in which her team of academic and industry researchers is serving hospitals in the San Francisco Bay Area through a large clinical and testing laboratory aimed at ramping up COVID-19 testing. 
  • Dr. Christine Kreuder Johnson, associate director of the One Health Institute; director, EpiCenter for Disease Dynamics, PREDICT Project, UC Davis, discussed animal and human surveillance activities utilized to detect spillover, amplification and spread of disease, as well as to inform risk mitigation on issues such as COVID-19.
  • Dr. Michael Connolly, principal scientific engineering associate, The Molecular Foundry, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, described how the Foundry is supporting researchers throughout the country to develop potential novel COVID-19 treatments using "peptoids," which mimic naturally occurring peptides.
  • Dr. Adam Godzik, professor of biomedical sciences, UC Riverside, discussed his collaborative work in solving the 3D structure of a potential drug target in a newly mapped protein of COVID-19, allowing scientists the ability to figure out how to interfere in the replication of the virus in human cells.