Family friendly policies

The University of California has established policies to express its commitment to a workplace culture supportive of family care-giving responsibilities.

Some of the major policy subject areas include:

  • Identifying in one policy (APM-760) the types of family accommodation policies available for childbearing and childrearing purposes;
  • Extending the period of active service-modified duties for birth mothers;
  • Providing guidance on part-time faculty appointments;
  • Clarifying that academic appointees shall not be arbitrarily disadvantaged in their promotion, advancement, or compensation because they have elected to take a childbearing or parental leave, to stop the clock, or to defer a personnel review.

Academic employees need to be especially aware of the effect, if any, of a period of leave on benefits such as health insurance and disability insurance. To clarify benefits status while on leave, academic appointees should consult well in advance of a leave with staff in their department, local Benefits Office, or local Academic Personnel Office.

The policies of the Academic Personnel Manual do not apply to academic employees covered by collective bargaining agreements.  For details about implementation of policies, programs, and collective bargaining agreements on your campus, consult your local campus Academic Personnel Office.

UC Campus family friendly policies