These pages will give you general and local campus information related to Lab Safety.

Chemical hazards

Chemical storage and inventory guidelines

Learn about properly storing and keeping track of chemicals.

Biological hazards

UC's biosafety program specifies responsibilities, practices, procedure, and operational standards required for the safe use and handling of biohazardous material for research and teaching.

Administrative controls

UC has established a number of administrative controls for its laboratory operations that define the requirements for safe use of chemical hazards, biohazard and radioactive materials.

Engineering controls

The basic concept behind engineering controls is that, to the extent feasible, the work environment and the job itself should be designed to eliminate hazards or reduce exposure to hazards.

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

Includes all clothing and accessories designed to protect against safety and health hazards.


Working safely in the laboratory requires more than just knowledge of hazardous material safety. Lab work presents multiple ergonomic challenges.

Hazardous waste

Learn more about your campus' hazardous waste procedures.

UC lab safety contacts

A list of local contacts that can assist you with lab-related risk and safety concerns.