The UCOP Office of Risk Services now offers four Excel based workbooks intended to support ERMIS Dashboard users in their assessment of risks related activities. These tools have been designed to provide insight from multiple perspectives.

Once populated, the data from each of these tools can be exported and integrated directly into the ERMIS for future reference and historical trend analysis.

UCRS will continue to develop Risk Assessment Tools that are compatible with the ERMIS to address various risks and areas of operation. If there is a particular type of risk assessment template you would like to see, please tell us at

Budget changes tool

Helps you consider budget related risks and understand potential benefits of each budget reduction option to help make more informed decisions.

Control structure assessment tool

Builds on other risk assessment tools to help you consider the impact and likelihood for a selected list of risks and evaluate the effectiveness of current controls and whether changes may be required to bring the list of risks within your risk appetite.

Program risk review tool

Helps you consider the strategic, financial, operational, compliance, reporting and reputational risks associated with an initiative or project.

Higher education risk assessment tool

Detailed risk assessment that helps the user identify estimated impact and likelihood for each item on a pre-determined list of risks an institution of higher education may face.