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Date Title
4/28/2015 Workers' Compensation: The Big Picture Statewide and a Snapshot of UC
3/24/2015 The UC Construction Program - Building the Next Generation
2/24/2015 Conducting an Objective-based ERM Risk Assessment
1/27/2015 Tactical ERM - Applying ERM principles to everyday tasks
12/2/2014 The Ostrich Defense - Legal Aspects of Risk Awareness
10/28/2014 Preparing for the Big One - Building Process Maturity and Readiness for Data Breaches
9/23/2014 Transparency and Disclosure:Post-Event Recovery Communication
8/26/2014 Spotlight on Excellence: Cal's ERM Program
7/22/2014 Collaborative Risk Management: ERM at the Campus Level
6/24/2014 Real World ERM
5/27/2014 Risk Summit Preview
4/22/2014 Crisis Decision Making
3/26/2014 An Incomplete History of Risk Financing
2/25/2014 UC Mindful Health and Safety Research
1/28/2014 Evaluating Risks to Protected Health Information and Intellectual Property
Medical Staff Credentialing, Privileging, and Peer Review
10/1/2013 Healthcare Professional Liability Program Costs: Self-Insurance vs. Private Insurance
8/27/2013 Putting Risk Appetite on Your Risk Assessment RADAR Screen
7/23/2013 Disability Accommodation – What's New and Noteworthy in California
6/25/2013 Everyone Is a Risk Manager: ERM Basics
5/28/2013 Importance of Professional Development in Implementing an ERM Program
4/23/2013 PRISM Risk Assessment Tool for Library Collections
3/26/2013 Communicating the Benefits of ERM
2/26/2013 Anatomy of a Waiver
1/22/2013 Subrogation
12/4/2012 Facilitating a Productive Meeting in the UC Environment
10/23/2012 How to Read an Actuarial Report
9/25/2012 Directors & Officers Insurance 101 for Not-for-Profit Entities
8/28/2012 The UC Field Operational Planner
7/24/2012 Captive Insurance Basic, Part Two
6/26/2012 Understanding the Actuary
5/22/2012 University Controlled Insurance Program for Construction (UCIP)
4/24/2012 Overview of captive insurance, Part One
3/27/2012 The ERM Help Desk
2/28/2012 Defining Risk Appetite/Risk Tolerance
1/24/2012 Objective Setting in Enterprise Risk Management
12/14/2011 UC Plan Budget Development System
10/25/2011 Overview of ISO 31000 International Risk Management Standard
8/23/2011 Common Higher Education Risks
7/26/2011 ERM for Travel and Foreign Operations
6/28/2011 Risk Summit 2011 Recap
5/24/2011 Risk Summit 2011 Preview
4/26/2011 New Risk Assessment Tool and Update to Budget Control Tool
3/22/2011 Root Cause Analysis and ERM
3/8/2011 Legal aspects of risk awareness (special bonus presentation)
2/22/2011 ERMIS and Forms - Increasing Efficiency
1/25/2011 Everyone is a Risk Manager
11/16/2010 ERM from the Ground Up, A Grass Roots Approach
10/26/2010 Update on UC Tracker pilot
9/28/2010 Location-specific dashboards: UC Irvine
8/24/2010 PRISM: Minimizing risk to library collections
7/27/2010 UC Action and retrospective reviews
6/22/2010 Overview of Risk Assessment and Introduction of two new Risk Assessment Tools
5/25/2010 Overview of UC Tracker (SAS 112/115 solution)
4/27/2010 ERM Maturity Model and Workplan
2/23/2010 Risk Assessment Resource Library follow-up discussion
10/27/2009 Introduction to the Risk Assessment Resource Library
9/22/2009 Overview of new ERM, Risk Mitigation, and Planning Tool
8/25/2009 Overview of new ERM website
7/28/2009 Key Performance Indicators and Dashboard Reports
6/23/2009 Overview of the ERM Information System (repeat session)
5/26/2009 Overview of the ERM Information System (ERMIS)
4/28/2009 John Gregg - ERM budget challenges
3/24/2009 Paul Craig on practical applications of ERM

Recordings for webinars from June 2011 and earlier are not available