While the EHS Leadership Council and its various working groups have developed many best practice documents over the years, the challenge for many campuses is finding expertise and/or resources to implement the programs.  And, although campuses do share resources with each other, it is usually in response to an emergency event and for a very limited duration.  The Centers of Excellence (CoE) program is intended to address this issue by being proactive in providing resources in advance and requiring a CoE to provide assistance to other campuses and system-wide leadership on their specific subject area. In general, CoE’s have the following characteristics or elements:

  • Collection of subject matter experts on a given subject/topic
  • Central repository for research and study materials
  • Clearinghouse of process, standards and policy design
  • Source of educational opportunities on the given subject/topic
  • Development and monitoring of success criteria for metrics/systems of measurement

Centers of Excellence 2017 Annual Report (pdf)