ERM Service Desk

Phone: (530) 638-DESK (3375)

The ERM Service Desk provides support for:

  • The My Managed Risk (MMR) Portal and ERMIS Dashboards:

    The My Managed Risk (MMR) Portal is an entry point to the services provided by the Office of Risk Services. The portal allows UC employees direct access to their authorized ERM applications, as well as the ability to view content related to the ERM Solution Set and at the same time, stay informed of up-to-date news and articles directly related to enterprise risk management. The ERMIS Dashboards deliver Key Performance Indicator (KPI) dashboards both at the systemwide and campus levels.

  • ERM Systems:
    UCAction • UCReady • UCTrips • FSTOP Field Safety Travel Operations Planner • UCPlan (TM1) • UCTracker  • UC Forms • UC Resilient • UC Risk Services SharePoint • BIO Biosafety Information Online • CIS Chemical Inventory System • CBIS • LHAT Lab Hazard Assessment Tool • LMS Learning Management System • RADiCAL • SIT Safety Inspection Tool • WASTe Waste Accumulation Storage and Tracking

  • ERM Risk Assessment Toolbox:
    The UCOP Office of Risk Services (OPRS) offers several Excel-based tools intended to support the risk assessment process at each of the UC locations. Each of the tools has been constructed to provide insight from multiple perspectives: Budget Changes • Risk Ranking • Program Risk Review • Higher Education Risk Assessment • Control Structure Assessment • Protected Health Information • Protected Information and Intellectual Property (PIIP) Value Estimator • Preservation Risk Information System (PRISM) • Efficiency Focus Tool • Headline Events Tool

  • Technical Support for all ERM Supported Systems:
    User Tips & Tricks • FAQs • Training • System Accounts/Access • Trouble Shooting • Application Support • Developing Reports (ERM systems and ERMIS Data Warehouse managed/tracked data) • Data Integration Solutions (Involving ERM supported systems) • External Reporting Tools • System to System Integration (Between external systems and LMS training information) • Systemwide Training • Web Based Reports