Global Climate Leadership Council

The Global Climate Leadership Council was formed in 2014 to advise UC on achieving the ambitious goal of achieving carbon neutrality by 2025 (pdf) while also providing guidance for furthering its other longstanding sustainability goals. The council will also provide guidance on integrating the carbon neutrality initiative and other sustainability goals into UC’s teaching, research and public service mission.

The council is comprised of scientists, administrators, students and experts from inside and outside UC and will engage the entire university community in its effort to seek out the best practices, policies and technology to achieve carbon neutrality and to advance teaching and research in climate change and sustainability.

The council is organized around key areas of contribution toward the initiative’s success:

Council members

The council is co-chaired by Rachael Nava (Chief Operating Officer, UCOP), and Wendell Brase, UC Irvine’s Associate Chancellor for Sustainability. Council members include UC officials, students and outside experts:

  • Roger Bales, Professor of Engineering (UCM)
  • Matt Barth, Professor of Engineering (UCR)
  • Carl Blumstein, Director, California Institute for Energy & Environment (UCB)
  • Nathan Brostrom, Executive Vice President/Chief Financial Officer (UCOP)
  • Sandra Brown, Vice Chancellor for Research (UCSD)
  • Ann Carlson, Vice Dean and Professor, School of Law (UCLA)
  • Peggy Delaney, Vice Chancellor for Planning and Budget (UCSC)
  • John Elliott, Chief Sustainability Officer (LBNL)
  • Marc Fisher, Vice Chancellor, Administration (UCB)
  • Bob Hartnagel, Chief of Staff, Government Relations (UCOP)
  • Benjamin Houlton, Professor; Director, John Muir Institute of the Environment (UCD)
  • Glenda Humiston, Vice President for Agriculture and Natural Resources (UCOP)
  • Kenneth Janda, Dean of School of Physical Sciences (UCI)
  • Paul Jenny, Senior Vice Chancellor for Finance and Administration (UCSF)
  • Daniel Kammen, Professor in the Energy and Resources Group (UCB)
  • Cindy Larive, Executive Vice Chancellor-Provost (UCR)
  • David Lea, Professor in the Department of Earth Science (UCSB)
  • Charles Nies, Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs (UCM)
  • Pierre Ouillet, Vice Chancellor and Chief Financial Officer (UCSD)
  • Michael Pazzani, Vice Chancellor for Research & Economic Development (UCR)
  • David Phillips, Associate Vice President, Energy & Sustainability (UCOP)
  • V. (Ram) Ramanathan, Lecturer, Director (UCSD)
  • Elvyra F. San Juan, Assistant Vice Chancellor, CSU Chancellor’s Office
  • Gina Solomon, Clinical Professor in the School of Medicine (UCSF)
  • Scott Waugh, Executive Vice Chancellor and Provost (UCLA)
  • David Weil, Director, Sustainability & Carbon Neutrality (UCSD)

External Advisors

  • H. Ramé Hemstreet, Vice President, Operations, Kaiser Permanente
  • Debbie Raphael, Director, Department of Environment, City of San Francisco