Alex Schrobenhauser-Clonan

CNI Fellow — Class of 2016

CNI Student Engagement Fellow
Medical Student
UCSF School of Medicine


Lessons from Medicine for the Climate Change Diagnosis


Alex’s project will seek to strategically employ outreach events, digital communication, and social network tools that directly link health professionals’ identities, duties, and value base to sustainable energy advocacy and the goal of making UCSF carbon neutral by 2025. His goal is to mobilize healthcare professionals around the UCSF LivingGreen pledge and other programs by focusing on optimizing the psychological, emotional and behavior change components of climate action. Two live events (a “Family Meeting for Planet Earth” in the fall prior to Thanksgiving and the November 29th Global People’s Climate March; and an “Earth Day Health Summit” in the spring on April 22) will include a range of UCSF and UC participants, and will also serve as platforms for social media and networking campaigns