Travel process alerts and reminders


Please wait until you receive an e-mail informing you that an expense report is ready for review before going into Express and submitting it. Until you get the e-mail, the Expense Report may not be complete.

Agency service fees

UC Travel charges a $30 service fee for each transaction made through a travel agent, so a fee applies when an agent is called to change a flight home, for example.  What are agency fees? Change fees will be processed by the BRC and will appear on the departmental ledger without customer department action. A business purpose for the change must be specified when submitting the travel expenses.

Rental car add-ons 

Systemwide travel policy (G-28 VII C.2) states that exceptional approval is required for higher cost upgrades when renting a car.  The BRC has been advised that, per discussion with the systemwide Disbursement Managers, GPS devices are currently considered to be an “upgrade”, and UCLA Travel is disallowing reimbursement for navigation device fees without exceptional approval. The business need for any add-on costs should always be separately described.