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Waiver Info

UC students are required to have medical insurance, which is why UC SHIP automatically covers all registered undergraduate and graduate students, including domestic and international students, and students in-absentia. If you already have a health plan that meets the University health coverage requirements, you may apply to waive enrollment in UC SHIP. You must re-apply to waive coverage each fall term.

This is an important decision

We’ve provided pros and cons to help you think it over. You’ll find them in the “Access UC SHIP Info” section. Review the UC 2016–17 Waiver Criteria to decide whether you want to apply for a waiver. You’ll find the waiver application and waiver periods on your campus’ Student Health Services website. There is a waiver worksheet online to help you gather the information you will need for the application.

Be sure you remain covered

Your waiver will be applied to the full academic year—or the remainder of the academic year, if you apply during the winter or spring terms. You are required to maintain adequate health insurance throughout the academic year. You will need to reapply if you want to waive coverage for the next academic year.

If your health coverage is terminated for any reason, contact your campus’ Student Health Services to re-enroll in UC SHIP.