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Promoting student well-being is what UC SHIP is all about.

Campuses participating in all four UC SHIP Plans - Medical, Pharmacy, Dental and Vision

All registered students are automatically enrolled except as noted below.
Campus Medical Pharmacy Dental Vision
Hastings UCSHIP
Irvine Graduate students only
Graduate students only
San Diego UCSHIP
Voluntary for undergraduates
San Francisco UCSHIP
Santa Cruz UCSHIP


Campuses participating only in the UC SHIP Dental and Vision plans

Campus Dental Vision
Irvine - undergraduates UCSHIP
Riverside - graduate
UCR-sponsored* UCR-sponsored*
Riverside - undergraduate UCR-sponsored* UCR-sponsored*
Santa Barbara UCSB-sponsored* UCSB-sponsored*

*Check with UCR and UCSB Student Health Centers to find out about your dental and vision benefits

UC campuses at Berkeley, Riverside and Santa Barbara do not participate in the UC SHIP program; visit your campus student health services' website for information about their student health plans.


Whether it is free healthy check-ups to detect health conditions early, care for chronic conditions, mental health care or comprehensive dental and vision benefits, UC SHIP is designed to mitigate the impact of injury or illness and costs that could derail a student’s dream to graduate from UC. 

Convenient access to care on campus and comprehensive coverage with emphasis on prevention are the essence of why UC SHIP is a perfect fit for UC students. 

Here are a few highlights that illustrate how UC SHIP is tailored to take care of our students:

  • Student health clinics on each campus serve as students’ “health home” for primary and preventive care
  • No lifetime cap on medical or annual cap on pharmacy benefits
  • No pre-existing condition limitations or waiting periods, ever
  •  No-cost contraceptive services and generic contraceptive prescription drugs
  • Quick access to mental health care services includes drop-in visits and an after-hours hotline on every campus
  • Prescription drugs are available at campus pharmacies at most locations
  • No Annual Deductible for medical and mental health services obtained at a student health and counseling centers
  • Psycho-Educational Testing, a rare benefit, covers a percentage of billed charges up to $3,000 in a student’s lifetime for testing, evaluation, and recommendations for medically necessary academic accommodation.  For some, this benefit could remove a cost barrier to obtaining needed services for disabled students
  • Coverage for medical, mental health, and surgical services outside the student health clinic is part of UC SHIP—when a referral is issued by a student health clinician (note that referrals are not required at UC Merced)
  • Pre-natal and Maternity care is covered
  • Automatic coverage for a UC SHIP member’s newborn up to $25,000 during the first 31 days after birth, a custom benefit
  • Dependent plan is available
  • 24/7 Nurseline available to all members, and a Future Moms program for pregnant members

UC SHIP helps students meet Regents’ mandate

UC SHIP was created to help UC registered domestic and international students meet the Regents’ mandate that every student have adequate health insurance.  The Regents’ purpose was to reduce the number of students leaving the university before graduating because of illness, injury, or high health care costs.  Registered UC students are automatically enrolled in UC SHIP through their registration assessment, so there is no paper work for students to complete.

Do you already have insurance?  Students who are already enrolled in a health plan that meets the university’s criteria for student health coverage may waive enrollment in UC SHIP, or opt to have dual coverage with UC SHIP and their private plan.  Please note that criteria to waive campus student health plans, including UC SHIP, are reviewed by university officials each year and are subject to change.