Our staff

The UCPath Center's staff comes from UCOP, UC Riverside, UC Irvine, UCLA, UCLA Health, UC San Diego and UC Berkeley. They include:

  • Angelina Gomez, manager of the employee services team, transferred in from UC Riverside. She also has 20-plus years in private industry call center and customer service. She oversees six supervisors at the center, five of whom came from within the UC system, with almost 70 combined years of experience in the areas of payroll, benefits, retirement and customer service.
  • Debbie Musselman, center workforce associate, came to UCPath Center after working in human resources for 30 years at the UCLA campus and the medical center.
  • Maryann Eagan is the manager of workforce administration. In this role, Maryann oversees the employee’s life-cycle transaction processing, employee data security, compliance, accuracy, and employee data maintenance. Prior to coming to the UCPath Center in 2013, Maryann spent six years at UC Riverside as a Human Resources Analyst.

Other staff come from outside the university system. They include:

  • Jing Li was an analyst for more than 13 years before becoming the data analytics lead at the center. She is part of the team that develops and runs reports.
  • David Denton, a senior employee service associate at the center, brings almost a decade of experience in payroll customer service, human resources and benefits within private industry.
  • Eliseo Perez, a knowledge management analyst, has more than 15 years of experience in records and information management, document management and systems/user acceptance testing implementation. He excels in organizing information and making it more easily accessible in order to streamline business operations.