Workplace Climate: Assessments and Interventions to Improve Diversity Among STEM Faculty

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

This one-day Roundtable (9:00am-4:00pm) will convene UC faculty and academic administrators who play key roles in the recruitment and retention of STEM faculty. Keynote speaker Meg Urry, professor of physics and astronomy and director of the Yale Center for Astronomy and Astrophysics, will review dimensions of workplace climate and its influence on the recruitment, retention and career success of diverse STEM faculty. The program will also feature panels and presentations on the following topics:

  • Quantitative and qualitative approaches to assessing workplace climate and differences by race & gender
  • The utility and impact of interactive theater programs to improve workplace climate - with Jeffrey Steiger, national “theater for dialogue” expert
  • Specific tools academic leaders can employ to develop inclusive and innovative work environments for STEM faculty
Download the announcement here (pdf)

Who should attend

The Roundtable is designed primarily for faculty and academic administrators who are decision-makers with regard to faculty careers: i.e. STEM faculty, department chairs, deans, EVCS and vice provosts, search committee chairs, faculty leaders, Affirmative Action and Diversity Committee chairs and members, equity advisors, student leaders in STEM disciplines, and faculty work/life advisors.


UC ADVANCE PAID funds will support travel costs for five representatives from each UC campus who will travel by air. Campuses within driving distance have agreed to fund travel costs for their campus representatives. The host campus, UC Davis, will provide a continental breakfast, beverages, and lunch. Interested participants should contact their UC ADVANCE PAID campus Steering Committee member by March 20, 2014 to attend. These members are listed below:

Steering Committee representatives:

  • UCB: Angelica Stacy (
  • UCD: Maureen Stanton (
  • UCI: Douglas Haynes (
  • UCLA: Susan Drange Lee (
  • UCM: Juan Meza (
  • UCR: Yolanda Moses (
  • UCSD: Jeanne Ferrante (
  • UCSF: Renee Navarro (
  • UCSC: Herbert Lee (
  • UCSB: Maria Herrera Sobek (