All other states workers' compensation

For all university operations and locations outside of California but in the United States, with the exception of Washington, the university purchases an insurance policy to provide workers' compensation benefits to its employees. The benefits provided to employees under this policy comply with the applicable laws and regulations of the state in which they work.

This insurance policy provides workers' compensation benefits to employees who are domiciled in states other than California. This policy does not provide benefits to employees who are domiciled in California and injured while on business travel or a temporary assignment in another state. If a California domiciled employee is injured in another state while on business travel or temporary assignment, their workers' compensation benefits will be provided under the university's California self-insured program.

In the state of Washington, the university participates in the Washington Department of Labor & Industries workers' compensation program.

If you have any questions regarding what policy an employee is covered under, contact your local workers' compensation office or Kevin Confetti at 510-987-9868 (or email Kevin).

The university's current all other states workers' compensation insurance policy information:

Insured: The Regents of the University of California
Insurance Carrier: Zurich American Insurance Company
Policy Period: 07/01/2015 - 07/01/2016
Policy Number: WC5524749-03

Reporting a claim, seeking medical treatment and follow up