Ergonomics Program Overview

Computer Workstation Safety

As computer use poses the greatest risk of injury to employees who work at Office of the President locations, the EH&S Department has developed a comprehensive Ergonomics Injury Prevention Program which consists of Omega Health Systems, an online training and self-assessment tool; as well as personalized ergonomics evaluations. Since implementing this program, ergonomics related musculoskeletal disorder injuries have been greatly reduced in the last five years. This training and risk self-assessment are a preliminary part of scheduling an ergonomics workstation evaluation. After completing it, if your risk is "high" or "moderate" an in-person workstation evaluation will be scheduled for you.

Be Smart About Ergonomics Training and Risk Self-Assessment

Please use the link above to access "Be Smart About Ergonomics," UCOP's online interactive self-evaluation and training program focused on office ergonomics. The online program is hosted by Omega Health Systems, and allows us to identify your risks, automate injury prevention activities, and track and analyze your results. Below are instructions for accessing the system. Be Smart About Ergonomics online interactive training and self-evaluation is a preliminary part of scheduling an ergonomics workstation evaluation and is a requirement for Be Smart About Safety matching funds eligibility.

  1. In the top left hand corner "search" enter: Ergonomics
  2. Select: UCOP Workstation Ergonomics Training
  3. You will be directed to an online Ergonomics Self Assessment immediately after completing the training.

Tips for Computer Workstation Setup

Ergonomics Program - Policies (docx)

For more information contact the Ergonomics Program at or (510) 987-0066.