Shoes for Crews

The University of California, Office of the President Risk Services (OPRS) provides program management and funding for system-wide slip-resistant footwear, provided by Shoes for Crews. This program provides slip-resistant footwear to employees in food service/nutrition, custodial services/EVS, inpatient care, and animal care technicians at all University of California locations. The objective of this program is to reduce the frequency and severity of slips and falls for the employees in these job classifications who work in potentially slippery environments. Reducing slips and falls will ultimately decrease the university’s workers’ compensation costs associated with these types of injuries. It is the intent of this program is to provide high-quality, slip-resistant footwear to those employees whose job duties expose them to slip and fall hazards.

For complete program information, view the Shoes for Crews Program Document

UC-approve shoe and boot style posters can be viewed and printed:

Note: The work boots are intended for specific work environments and additional approval is required to order them.

Departments may request to participate in the program by contacting their local Shoes for Crews EH&S Liaison to complete a SFC Program application

Program inquiries can be sent to UC-SAFETYSHOES-L@LISTSERV.UCOP.EDU